The Need of Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Properly installed and maintained fire sprinklers are crucial to provide automatic fire extinguishing ability in buildings. Fire sprinklers have proven to offer best kind of protection to lives and properties in the events of fire. They also save money for owners whose building underwent fire loss. Although many existing buildings do not have this kind of protection, fire sprinkler is a must in new buildings. But installing a fire sprinkler system is not enough. You need to keep it maintained too by regular fire sprinkler inspection done by professionals.

How a Fire Sprinkler Works?

Unlike what we see in movies, fire sprinklers do not release water in the entire building at once. Instead, individual sprinkler heads need to be activated before they can throw water at the fire. When the ceiling temperature rises due to heat of fire, the solder link melts and opens the sprinkler head which releases water directly on the source of heat. The heads of sprinkler system are tied with a network of pipes. As soon as the sprinkler is activated, the fire alarm starts beeping that alerts the people in the building, as well as the fire department in some systems. It is extremely important to get fire alarm inspection done on a regular basis, in order to ensure that it starts working whenever there is fire in the building. If it is connected with a fire department, it should relay the appropriate message in time too. Fire sprinkler inspection should be done at regular intervals too. Having a sprinkler system is useless if it cannot work as expected in time of need. Make sure that the inspection of your fire alarm and fire sprinklers is done by professional experts only.

How Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Maintenance Is Done

Like any other security system, your fire sprinkler system needs to be inspected too in order to ensure that it functions properly in case of fire. If your sprinkler system is not maintained properly, it may perform unsatisfactorily in the time of need. Examples of problems in fire sprinkler include inadequate maintenance, frozen system, obstruction in water distribution etc. There are differences between fire sprinkler inspection, testing and maintenance:

  • Inspection is the visual examination of water-based fire sprinkler system, or a particular part of the system in order to verify that everything is free of damage and appears to be operating properly
  • Testing conducts physical checks in order to determine the system’s status, including Chicago backflow testing and other operations that the system is expected to perform
  • Maintenance is the actual work performed on the system in order to keep it operational. If any repairs are required, they are done in time

Although fire sprinkler inspection can also be done by qualified building maintenance personnel, it is better to have it inspected, tested and maintained by a professional sprinkler company. American Backflow and Fire Prevention is one such company that is dedicated to installing, inspecting, testing and maintaining fire sprinkler systems in Illinois and surrounding area.

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