THE New Cabrinha “00” Icon Series Kites

“There are no products that represent kite surfing as well as the Cabrinha Switchblade and Drifter Kites. Heroes have been made, records have been broken, and the path to progression has been attainable by all, through these iconic kites. This year we celebrate enduring performance with the Switchblade and Drifter limited edition Icon Series. “ Pete Cabrinha

From landing first jumps, breaking World Speed Records, Guinness World Records and King of the Air. If there is one kite that completely defines the essence of kiteboarding… it’s the Switchblade.

“It’s the only kite you ever need. The Switchblade is the kite I learnt all my tricks on growing up. When I think about a solid kite, that you can always rely on, no matter the conditions, that’s the Switchblade.” Alberto Rondina

The Drifter has no equal and has helped crown world champions and get riders into waves and barrels that were previously thought to be the realm of elite surfers.

“Over the years, the Drifter has become a staple for me in my wave riding career especially throughout my 4 world titles. The name sums it up perfectly and that “drift” is one of the main characteristics I’ve grown to love so much. It’s an easy to fly, very forgiving kite that allows you to focus on surfing without worrying about the kite”. Keahi De Aboitiz

About KiteLine

For the past 20 years, KiteLine has been immersed in the kiteboarding industry. We’ve seen the evolution of kiting: from those sketchy days when we had to jerry-rig our own hand-made gear, through the rapid development of depowerable LEIs, to our current state of kitesurfing gear.

But why should you care about that? Our depth of knowledge and a broad collection ofkitesurfing kites and kite surfboards have got you covered. We can help you figure out what gear will match your riding style and which kites and boards will help you advance to the next level. We have 1000s of customers worldwide that have been with us 15 or more years! These customers know that we take care of them with the best customer service around!

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