The New iOS 14 Feature Explained: How Apple Clips Work

At the WWDC 2020 live-streamed event, the company announced to introduce App Clips. The users can engage with various features within iOS 14 with App Clips in a quicker way.

The latest feature arriving at iPhone, App Clips, has been designed to make your access easy to content on the app. The iPhone users now don’t need to navigate the app entirely to access the content. Apple announced the new feature among many other updates and improvements at WWDC 2020.

We can’t imagine our smartphones without apps. These apps have become an integral part of smartphones. For example, the user needs to download and install apps on their devices. This downloading and installing process crop up various issues related to app permission, storage, and privacy settings. Besides, when you complete the app installation, it becomes difficult for you to navigate the app due to the addition of multiple features and new updates by the developers. Specifically, when you look to do some particular and urgent work quickly, such problems emerge often. Now, it is due to such issues that operating systems on mobile are looking for the ways through which apps can be utilized on smartphones effectively, even when you have not installed these apps on your mobile device.


Apple announced about App clips during when the WWDC event was streaming on digital platforms. The company introduced the latest feature as a new and engaging way to access any part of an app more efficiently and quickly. The iPhone users need not wait for the app to be downloaded to perform a specific action. Instead, App Clips allow a certain part of the app to get downloaded required to complete a certain task. Even then, if any app is already downloaded in certain cases, the new feature will remain available. It will work as a shortcut to a specific section of the apps, even if not launched or installed. The users can access App Clips through NFC tags and QR Codes along with sharing it among users as app links.

Apple’s New App Clips: A Closer Look

It seems that the new App Clips feature introduced by Apple has been designed to help users accessing apps without downloading them. However, it is also designed to enhance users’ experience while engaging in the iOS app. Besides, the feature is not exclusive to the devices based on iOS, as a similar upgrade known as Instant Apps is available on Android. Moreover, both apps work similarly, making it easy to access apps and enable users to complete a transaction or task. Apple illustrated some examples of the task for which App Clips can be used to complete. For example, users can purchase tea or coffee or rent a car or scooter by using App Clips. Apart from these, these examples can be an entry point for many to encourage installing the app that has not installed it yet.

Overall, the owners of the iPhone can’t expect that the latest feature will bring a comprehensive change to their day to day experience regarding the iPhone. Also, any change regarding user experience is not going to take place in a short period. The new feature, App Clips, is appearing only as an extension to Apple Pay. The users can easily and quickly rent, pay, or purchase anything from business or service. There is no need for the users to rely on the exact app corresponding to these functions. Moreover, the latest feature is going to be a big and beneficial move for both Apple and iPhone users and services.


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