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“I am very grateful that I have spent these years in NFL,” Royd said in the statement. “I have no regrets, I am fortunate to leave the game with such a healthy and happy state. I will try my best to actively represent the alliance and players in the rest of your life.”

Crow on defensive end Matthew – Zhu Dong uses privileged player label

On March 14th, the Baltimore Crow Friday officially used the privileged player label on the defensive end Matthew – Matthew Judon, which would prevent him from entering the free player market.

Most of the data in Braddy in this game was taken in the first half. In the next half, he was only 6 times successful twice, achieving 19 yards, and there is a pass to be copied. But the pirates ultimately rely on the squad attack to curb the black panthand.

Although the crow still needs to decide which privileged label for the specific location of the crow is still necessary to determine the privileged label of the specific location. The privileged label of the external guard is $ 16.3 million, and the defensive end of the privileged tag value is $ 19.3 million. But in any case, only 30 million US dollars in the salary space, using the privileged label means that the team will decrease in the free player market.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, the fifth paragraph fracture of the left foot of McKini needs to be processed, and it may be absent for about 10 weeks. This means that if all progress is progressing smoothly, McKini is still possible to return in the next half season.

Famous Hall of Commentary Treier Davis praised wild horse new show running Sanitary

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First left dish, Tyron Smith (back, hips), new Shiji Wei Shi more than-Awuqi Awuzie (leg branch), play the ball Dan Bailey (right groin right ) And the external handles Cole beasley (brain shock) did not participate in training.

The regular season has been in the past two weeks, in each game, the total proposal number of Lin Sai (the ball + ball) is more than 100 yards, not only the hopes of the horses, but also to the Davis himself.

“For the career, I want to get a long to get a long,” Zhu Dong said in an interview. “The fact is this. I think this is what we want to get when many players are about to enter the free player market. Eventually, I know that I will be playing in next season.”

In the wholesale nfl Jerseys integrated investment camp in last month, General Manager Eric Decosta refused to explain the privilege label for Zhu Dong. At that time, he also said that the team did want to have a long time to sign Zhu Dong.

“The instance of running guards can be taught.” Davis said, “You can teach him where to rush, don’t rush, but most of you will decide on them. Generally tell him & lsquo; Hey, this The tactics arranged here, but if you can’t rush, you will find another chance & rsquo ;. Currently, Lin Sai has this ability, and it is not a flower. His instinct is good, I love this. He is a natural olive player. “

“I think he has played well in this area,” Aliis said that Braddy’s rebound manifestation said. “This game will never be so rubbing. We let them chase. But I think he has a prominent performance. His leadership in the field is great, and he let us let us get in front of many different kicks. Use the right tactics. His performance is really very good. “

In the second week of competition, Tampawan pirates defeated Carolina Black Leopard at 31-17. The record of the second game after the defeat of the Braddy Career season has increased to 4 wins and 0 losses. Since 2001, Braddy has had a total record of 49 wins in the second game after suffering from failure.

Of course, Braddy’s performance is not perfect in this game, he passed the 217 yards and 1 time, there is a passage of passing, the pass success rate is 65.7%. But the main brush Bruce Alians is satisfied with Braddy’s performance.

Davis said: “The performance of his two weeks is the same as the media. It is really good. More beautiful is that he will become better. And he is not afraid of spotlights, will not be nervous This has already won half. He believes that he belongs here, believes that he can complete the attack. His position is good, the feel is very good, you can act as an external team, you can also go to the special team, it is a good offensive weapon. I also look forward to seeing him to continue to grow. It can be foreseen, after seven or eight years, I will see him on the court, because when he has broken my rush record. “

After Chris Golden, after the brain shock lack, Braddy and Mike Evans were tacit, the latter completed 7 batches to get 104 yards 1 time. Other number of ball spheres have not broken through 50, Braddy and teammates are still working hard. This is the first quarter-branch of Braddy in the first two weeks since 2013.

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