The Not-So-Obvious Uses of Toilet Tissue!

A toilet tissue – boring, plain, white, and a single thing to do – wipe the assets of humans after pooping; this has been the only identity and purpose of toilet paper since its inception. However, this blog will change this perception, and you will no longer look at marine toilet tissue or regular toilet paper the same way you did before reading this article.


Every invention is proof of human creativity, and today, we bring you some DIY ways to transform the way toilet paper is used.

Let’s trigger your artistic nerves!

Makeup Wipes

Have you ever been on a date or an event where your liner or your lipstick has smudged, and you forgot to carry your makeup remover or makeup wipes? This hack is for this exact situation if it ever happens again in the future. Stack 3-4 toilet tissues and spray some handwash on them. Now, use the wet part of the toilet tissue, wipe the smudged makeup on your face, and you are sorted. However, do not use R.V. toilet tissues for this hack, as they immediately dissolve after touching any liquid.

Gift Wrap Sheet

Did you ever imagine wrapping your gifts with R.V. toilet tissues? No, let me explain how it is done. If you are running late for a party and have no wrapping paper at home, or hardly any time to go to a store and get it wrapped, this tip is for you. Wrap your gifts with layers of Ultra-Soft Toilet Tissue, and to enhance it further, draw small figures on it and paint them with a pen. You can use a different toilet paper sheet to cut out small geometrical shapes, color them with a pan, and stick them with tapes on the main gift.

Instant Menstrual Supply

If you get your chums and have no menstrual supply with you and are caught in a situation where reaching a store to buy some will take time, toilet paper can serve as an immediate supply to sustain the flow till you get the actual supplies. Make a thick layer of toilet paper and place it in your panty in the same way as a sanitary napkin. It will not hold the flow for hours but will give you enough time to reach the nearest store and grab some menstrual supplies without ruining your bottom wear.

Fake Assets

One Quora user suggested an extraordinary use of toilet paper that challenged the imagination of our team as well. This lady (let’s not disclose her name here) systematically arranged sheets of toilet paper in her bra to give an impression of heavy breasts on her blind date. It worked until they decided to take the date to the next level the same night.

Paper Flowers

You can tackle the creative side and make paper flowers from R.V. toilet tissues or basic toilet paper. You can use these to decorate a gift wrap or baby shower decorations. P.S. – if you are using R.V. toilet tissues for this DIY trick, keep it as away from liquids as possible.

The Mummy Costume

Do not tell me; this was not the first thing that cropped in your mind when reading about toilet paper’s other uses. Hundreds have used this trick, and if you have not, you have a costume idea for the next horror-themed party or Halloween, whichever comes early. Wrap yourself in dozens of Ultra-Soft Toilet Tissues from head to toe, with just openings near your eyes, and the most budget-friendly costume for the year is ready.

Try these hacks with ultra-soft toilet tissues, and thank us later.

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