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Rookie Diary: What is the experience with two great rushers?

We saw Fred Jackson’s book, Demaryius Thomas to the mother’s letter, come and see the rookie diary of the wild horse queue to We ray today, where you can see how the wholesale nfl jerseys old will help a rookie grow, such a story Every day, it has happened, and it has continued to circulate wholesale jerseys for sale decades, which has urged the NFL alliance.

Learning curve & mdash; & mdash; Sean. Thunder

The truth is: Food with Von miller, you really can’t win him.

Ok, I recognize, who makes me a rookie, this is one of my duties. Just like all new people in NFL, I am responsible wholesale jerseys for sale moving equipment in the training, and then I have to play with Von Miller to play Four sons and have every day. And he played this game to almost scientific height. He is the master of this area. Although I have won such a two times, he is almost invincible, and it will not be in hand.

I have seen Von in Miami before I participated in the draft. At that time, I was not a wild horse player. I was about to graduate, I always regard Von miller as a role model. I just touched him on the road that day, then Von Miller started to tell me NFL locker room culture. When I went back to God, we have begun to discuss rugby technology, and then he will give me the right pace on the sidewalk that passers-by.

At that time, he didn’t know me, nor did it know which team will pick me in the draft, but he still be patient, there is a teach to me.

When you become the NFL first round show, just like being thrown into the new fire pit. Although there are coaches to help you understand tactics, tell you what to do, but you can tell you how to do your own stupid, or take care of your own body.

but me? Obviously encounters the best situation! After I came to the wild horse, there were two probably the greatest external warpato example & mdash; & mdash; von miller and Demarcus Ware. I have learned a lot from them every day, this is the advantage that most of the rookies are not.

Let’s take Von.

We can see how strong VON is visible from the competition video, but if you have the opportunity to see him at close, you will find that he is simply against the sky. I have observed his pace and how fast & mdash; & mdash; he will step out how many steps, how to adjust his position to block the opposite side of the player’s hand, how to sink the shoulder on the outside. Then I think, ok, I will try this. Try his skills and then integrate into my technology.

In fact, his start-up speed is the fastest, usually the ball just opened him. So when I trained for a certain day, I walked to him, “My little problem, I want to ask you, my startup is not as fast as you, is my technology?” He first bends down, grabbed my feet and put them the correct position, and then start teaching me how to optimize the tilt posture & mdash; & mdash; how to balance my body to get the maximum start speed. Then I started trying to try it with him, then you understand, start the speed is really faster. I can experience the difference between this before and after, everything is because he is there.

Von is responsible for taking me a playing technology, and Demarcus Ware is the old will be the old willing of the handing & mdash; & mdash; he has experience and wisdom to me is also very precious. In this regard, he is a engineer, we generally gather together to watch the competition video, and then he often presses the pause button, and then play back with slow motion.

“Hey, have you seen this? Quadruption is slightly tilted before kicking, if you can capture this action, you can let you start faster with the ball.”

We all look around each other.

“I didn’t pay attention to & hellip; you?”

“No, I didn’t pay attention”

Demarcus can always find that other people in this room can’t see detail, because he is more than our people in this trip.

Perhaps Von is a sports madman, but Demarcus is completely another kind of active. He will adjust us. He has enough experience to judge how to attack an opponent and expose his weaknesses.

When we earned this year, we were arranged with a big offensive front line player. Demarcus said to me: “You are very strong and speed, the brother is much bigger than you, you can play him uncomfortable. I will take a few times in the speed. After you will adjust your station. Speed, then you can use the power to strong him, he will lose the balance and then you will have the opportunity to break through, and the four points will go in the pocket at that time, just go to you before. “

Then the plot is completely in accordance with the development of him, quad-guard in the pocket, and I just broke through the killing.

As a rookie, I am still looking for my best performance. “What is my best? What is my trick? Where is I am more than other people?” Give me too much help with Von Miller and Demarcus Ware. I can learn more physical use and mission technology from VON, learn how to move my brain in the game from DEMARCUS. With these as the starting point, I can gradually find my own strengths and put them in the ideal role.

And they also take care of me outside the field.

Recently, a blizzard swept Denver, I can’t do it. Because I usually open a Dodge challenger (note: the macro car, rear wheel drive, almost unable to go up in the ice and snow.), There is no one in the mountains The mistake of SUV, typical rookie.

I have to call Von.

“Brother, my car is really not able to open & hellip; & hellip; can you borrow a SUV so let me go to the training center?”

He didn’t want to lend me.

Demarcus opened the door to me. One day he said with me: “If you want to recover better, you can come to my house, I have a few laser therapy instruments, which is very helpful to recovery. We can also look at the competition video, analyze the game” . That is the most important invitation I need, let me be healthier, let me learn more.

Maybe you have heard a lot of NFL rookies in the bottom of the team’s pyramid, often being oppressed and bullied by old players. Then I think you can come to our dressing room, and the situation is completely opposite. TJ Ward, Chris Harris, AQIB Talib & Mdash; & Mdash; All these veteran are willing to talk to me, and they don’t want to share their experiences to me, help me understand everything, not just on the field, including the whole new professional player Life.

But I still have to move their helmet and equipment to the training ground.

If it is not the wrong mistake, I may not come to Denver, may not fall to 23 in the draft (Ray exploding marijuana detection positive before the draft, so that his draft is ranked at least 10 points.), But Since I have already paid a price, then I can do it here, I do everything I can do something can be worked hard, and strive to become the best teammates in the field. Anything has causality, and when you end every day, I feel that there is something that maybe I can’t come up. There are Von and Demarcus and other teammates can do an example and so support me, and as a newcomer has a chance to play the season, I even enter the super bowl, I can’t think of something better.

Moreover, if I do it, I can get the ultimate award & hellip; & hellip;

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