The OHM Pipe Tobacco – Quick Guide

The OHM brand stands bold among the few names that capture smokers’ attention in the tobacco world. Experienced smokers understand that when it comes to a smooth, satisfying taste, OHM ticks the right boxes.

Here’s why the OHM Brand Stands Out

Top Quality

Unlike some low-grade tobacco, OHM Pipe Tobacco saves you the repulsive odor and lousy after taste. The brand focuses on delivering fresh and satisfying smoke. The product comes from the Intercontinental Trading USA Inc., a reputable name in the tobacco industry.

If packaging has been your concern, OHM Pipe Tobacco is well-packed for a long shelf span. The herbs are delivered in a robust tear-resistant bag, which helps preserve taste and quality for a more extended period. In the package comes evenly cut tobaccos for that desirable slow-burn typical of premium-grade brands.


OHM comes with a wide variety of flavors to satisfy users’ taste options, while many brands offer only two flavors. The intercontinental trading USA Inc. strives to provide a soothing taste, regardless of users’ taste palate.

Besides the popular OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Turkish Red, other flavors like Turkish Yellow, Bold, Blue Natural, Menthol Gold, and menthol are also satisfying alternatives.

Excellent Reviews

Typically, reviews from buyers breed some level of confidence in first-timers. It isn’t different in the tobacco smoking world. Many smokers go online to look up buyer’s reviews on a product before they buy.

In a local shop, you can only make decisions based on the manufacturer’s label and the sale’s person’s gimmicks. But online, you’d get a convincing lot of reviews from buyers with firsthand experience.

Products like OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 lb. have fantastic ratings under its belt, as smokers appreciate its satisfying smooth taste.

Affordable Price

OHM tobacco products are usually with affordable price tags. The manufacturer understands that although all smokers desire quality smoke, budget is a common drawback. With OHM products, you may not have to break a bank for good quality smoke, as their products usually come at a bargain.

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