The Old Guard Opens Possibility for a Sequel

The last few years have seen the Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron transform herself into one of the most reliable and talented action stars in the world. After leaving audiences spellbound by her performance in Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde, and The Fate of the Furious, Theron is trending on the internet for her new Netflix action film “The Old Guard.” Theron acts as the leader of a group of immortal warriors in the movie. The way the movie ends, it paves the way for a possibility of a sequel to ultimately turn the film into a franchise.

Spoilers of the movie ahead!

In the film, Theron is named Andy, an age-old immortal and first of kin. Nearly a thousand years back, Andy played a pivotal role in ensuring the human race’s security. She plays a vital part in protecting individuals whose lineages are destined for greatness to provide a secure human future. She also pulls together several other immortals on her journey, helping them adapt to their immortality and assist her on her missions. As the movie proceeds, Andy starts to mentor her newest recruit Nile (played by Kiki Layne), a U.S. Marine, and teaches her about the group’s history. What Nile discovers is thrilling. For several years, Andy was the only one of her species. Stuck at the same age, she had to live a solitary life.

She was aware that even if she did get close to someone, the other individual will eventually grow old and die. But one day, she stumbled upon Quynh (played by Veronica Ngo), who was also an immortal. The two became inseparable, fighting and winning many battles over the decades. But then one day, they were captured and mistaken to be witches. The captors recognized that the two could not be killed and came up with a barbaric idea to separate them. They trapped Quynh in a solid iron box and tossed it into the open oceans. Andy managed to break free from their clutches and spend the next 500 years with the sole motive to find Quynh.

She scoured the oceans with hopes of rescuing her long lost partner from the long-suffering of drowning every day and still not dying. But her efforts never bore fruit, and Andy blamed herself for what had happened.

The primary plot of the movie projects Andy and her clan managing to escape yet another attempt of capture, this time by a dubious pharmaceutical company that intends to exploit their powers of immortality. Booker (played by Matthias Schoenaerts), a member of Andy’s clan, was the reason that they were captured, which is why the group expels him. He is left to fend for himself for the next century, but he does not seem to be managing very well in isolation. One day he stumbled home, completely intoxicated, only to find the most unexpected face waiting for him- Quynh. She had mysteriously managed to escape from her iron prison and seems to be perfectly fine. The movie does reveal the reason for Quynh’s visit to Booker, and all she says is, “Booker, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

The lack of clarity at the end just makes it a launchpad for a potential sequel. With Quynh entering the mix again, it’s not probable that she is looking forward to a happy get-together with Andy whenever their paths cross. In a possible scenario, Quynh is mad at her old partner, assumes that Andy left her to fend for herself and wants to exact sweet revenge. Having a close ally turn into a bitter enemy for Andy will make for the perfect plot for the sequel.

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