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The professionals at Practical Training Professionals (, a company run entirely by veterans who travel the country teaching gun owners of all experience levels, happen to be amongst the most knowledgeable people regarding the safety and proficiency of firearms. No one else comes close. PTP Gun happens to be your one-stop shop for firearms training.


PTP Gun is one of the best choices available if you want to learn how to handle firearms safely and proficiently. The following factors contribute to this result:


  • The company does more for students than just give them a structure to organize their thoughts; it also introduces them to a community of law-abiding individuals.


  • PTP-Gun is considered a forerunner in the field as a result of the groundbreaking work that it has done with women who have survived domestic violence, teachers, and students who attend Women Only classes.


  • This educational establishment exudes a robustly multicultural atmosphere as a direct result of the wide variety of nationalities and cultural backgrounds represented among its student body. As a direct consequence of this, the organization places a high priority on equipping its clients with the competencies and information they require to safeguard their own well-being.


  • The significance of safety is emphasized in each and every one of their training programs in a manner that can be comprehended relatively easily by the trainees, and this is done in a way that is consistent across all of their programs.


  • Any student who completes one of their courses that incorporates both classroom instruction and hands-on practice will emerge from the experience with a comprehensive understanding of the topic of firearms.


  • For those interested in honing their shooting skills, there is a plethora of instruction available, be it for learning the fundamentals, becoming proficient in concealed carry, or competing at the highest levels.


The various training classes provided by PTP Gun include:


  • Women only concealed carry training: The course is designed specifically for female students and teaches them about the rules of firearms safety, the various types of handguns, the fundamental parts of it, how to disassemble and clean it, and the fundamentals of shooting, in addition to the laws governing firearms in the state of Maryland.


  • HQL Training Classes: People learn about guns, their parts, shooting fundamentals, reassembly, disassembly and cleaning, all covered in detail during classroom time. While in hands-on parts, one gets the rundown on the state of Maryland’s regulations on carrying weapons and using them for self-defense, besides disassembling and reassembling their own handguns, learning about and trying on a variety of holsters, practice drawing and reholstering in a safe and efficient manner, and fire over 25 rounds of ammunition at a target.


  • Maryland concealed carry training (Wear & Carry): It helps one learn about firearms, associated safety rules, types of handguns, their parts, shooting fundamentals, and disassembly/ cleaning of a handgun/ reassembly, and Maryland laws pertaining to firearms & self-defense. The hands-on portion includes learning about holsters, practicing efficient/safe draw/reholster procedures, reassembling/ disassembling/cleaning handguns, and shooting over 50 rounds of ammunition.


PTP Gun is a Maryland-based leader and one-stop shop for firearms training. In addition to premium concealed carry training, the company sells merchandise such as PTP Hats and Hoodies. Register for the required training today, learn from the best instructors, and get closer to your goal with the help of knowledgeable industry professionals. Check out the website’s merchandise section to purchase the exclusive collection of merchandise.


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