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If it is held in Orlando, the stadium will be held in the citrus bowl, the course has been renovated in the past two years and spends $ 200 million. It is reported that the professional bowl and Hawaii will continue until May 31, then the alliance can jump out. contract.

The horrible Tailus – Williams is back again
Former first or two months, Dallas denim came outside Tailus Williams, I don’t know why, as if I disappeared Cheap jerseys From China the jeans. In the eight games, Williams just received a 20-yard pass and a time to reach it. To know in the top 6 games in the season, Williams received a 20 yard more than 7 times. Ball and efficient 5 times!

Patriot holds a superb bowl champion ring award ceremony
The new England Patriots Boss Robert Kraft Kraft has awarded their super bowls of championships on the private ceremony held in their home on Sunday night.

Turkock did not turn away and said that he felt that his knees did not feel swollen or painful. The 29-year-old old will receive surgery next week. It has already been missing the game for the first time this Sunday, and the lion will challenge the New York jet. “I have been working in the alliance for a long time. I understand that you will suspect that I have been playing like this,” Turkk said. “I have not absent 1 game in 9 years. It is a bit crazy, but as I said, I am actively facing because I believe in my hard work, I believe my training and what I do in the offset period. How do I treat things? Method, so I know that I will be better than before. ”

Due to the celebration of the injured and the waters, no regrets
Stephen Tulloch is in dramatic in the third week of the competition, this male lion line guards in the killing of Green Bay packaging workers, and then imitated his “Aaron Rodgers).” “(Discount Double Check) Celebration (Note: This is the signature celebration of Rogers passing back to the knee before the knee.

Familiar Williams finally resurrected in the outer card, the Detroit lion, Williams did not harvest 92 yards with three times with 3 battles and twice. In this regard, Williams said: “In fact, there is no real change, I still use the previous way to run the previous route, maybe the four-point Donney Romo, I will give me more opportunities.”

Turkock told the reporter of Detroit Freedom to say that he did not regret to do this to end the celebration of his season. “Of course,” said he said on the event of our Foundation on Friday night. “I will do this again, my guy. You will do it every time. If this will be injured, it will be injured. Just time problem.”

This is what the cowboy is needed, but this is not only the ball of Williams, but also the difficulty of the Williams high, especially in the depths of the offensive line, this season Williams There have been many defensive players who have been rushed to the enemy in distant opponents, which will take a road for the Demarco Murray, Murray.

Not only Jones and Pitters will be one of the most confrontings of this week, but also the gap between the saga will work hard to maintain the gap between the National Association of West District and Seattle Hawks, and will also be able to be able to & mdash; & mdash; Prevent Falconson’s Liannan District, so this game is also important for the seasons.

This season’s offensive tactics are more diverse, rather than just relying solely. Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Mike Hardman These are hard-off-attack pick-up hand to make your opponents often have to focus on defense The backfield, and the chief is more useful in short-range pass attack opponents soft. The joining of the Kraide – Edwards-Helaire is enhanced by the chief of the scorpion attack, and their scorpion codes and the average number of squared push the number of push. Not small improvement, and Edwards Ilier can also contribute in the pass attack. However, in the face of the pirates of the defensive group’s ranking alliance, the chief attack front line will become the biggest hidden danger. Left Diagonal Eric Fisher In the United States Championships, it will ablate the super bowl, while the main right cut Mitchell Schwartz will also be defective due to back injury. This makes the chief can only rely on the substitute player to temporarily constitute an offensive front line. The number of killing of the pirate defensive group was fourth in the regular season, ranked first in the playoffs. In the National Union Championship, the pirate has achieved 5 kills. Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaquil Barrett and Middle Road Defense Tita – Vita Vea and Nama – Su ( NDAMUKONG SUH may have been in charge of it. The pirates are not adventurous to use the four-dimensional tactics, which will be in the middle of Mahms and the chief. The chief may need to rely on the offensive front line, tactics, and the threat of piracy ball shock. In the regular season, the Pirates of the Pirates have suffered a big loss when using people and defensive, so they may use the regional defensive system. In addition, the ability of the pirate defensive group forced the opponent’s error to cause the ball’s power transmission, and 45% of the pirates in the playoffs originate from the mistakes made by the defensive group, and the piracy contribution to the pirate defensive group in the regular season 101 points, ranking third.

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