The Online Learning Solution: Virtual Classrooms & Webinars

We have to have a way to strengthen our communication skills in the classroom, and we can’t do it by using simple flashcards or canned questionnaires. Instead, we need to choose effective and effective ways to teach our students about concepts and processes. Webinars and virtual classrooms play a crucial role in the same and are a great way to accomplish this end goal. By incorporating webinars into your regular curriculum, you not only ensure that your students/employees are getting the most from their education & courses but also give them the information that they need to get the most from their learning.


It can be difficult to decide which option will work best for your company or course since there are so many options. Nevertheless, Core Competency Group is here to help, the search for an ultimate virtual classroom & webinar solutions ends here.

Find Virtual Classroom Success with Core Competency

By incorporating the latest technologies, we provide more cost-efficient Virtual Training services to help you communicate better in a web-based environment. Our VCR isstraightforward interface and point-and-click tools make it easy for even a non-technical user to easily navigate and conduct and collaborate on the online course.


  • VOIP audio conferencing – one-to-one or one to many
  • Web conference
  • Chat tool – one-to-one and one to many
  • PowerPoint, PDF, Video presentation broadcasting
  • Synchronous whiteboards
  • Many-to-many high-quality video conferencing even at lower bandwidths
  • Application and desktop sharing
  • Auto bandwidth management
  • Record and playback
  • Reporting


  • Reduce travel time, infrastructure and communication costs
  • Deliver online training in a format that replicates typical classroom interaction
  • Record training sessions for later use to leverage the value
  • Empower learners to share knowledge as subject experts
  • Provide users with access to the comprehensive knowledge repository


It’s a great tool for remote team briefings. Our virtual training services help you communicate better in a web-based environment by incorporating the latest technologies. Our Virtual Classroom application utilizes robust technology to enable collaborative meetings over a nominal bandwidth. This way, there is no lease line or VSAT, just a small amount of bandwidth for collaboration between people.


Virtual classroom courses can be designed, scheduled, managed, delivered, and managed using application developed in latest Microsoft’s technology. To provide a dynamic learning platform to learners, we integrate the best learning practices with the power of the internet.


Our Virtual Classroom platform is accessible over the Internet by all teachers and used to support student learning. With our Virtual Classroom, you can take advantage of face-to-face learning all day, every day.


Providing access to education is one of our top priorities. Virtual classroom success is our goal for students and instructors at colleges across the country.


Contact us today to get a demo of how our virtual classroom webinar solutions can work for you.

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