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The appearance of a new record is also the same. The additional shooting gates have been trying to do at the 17-yard line. But 2015 cheap Nfl jerseys change rules will force the door to force at 15 yard lines & mdash; & mdash; this becomes a 32-33 yard attempt. The mistake is no longer so embarrassing & hellip; & hellip; but it is still very bad.

Houston Texas launched a hometown of Shape’s hometown in 31-21 last week, leaving a hometown of his playoffs. After the team’s defensive group losses Watt and Moshams, the previous Zhandevone-Clanney became the new leader of the team’s defensive group. He won the 2 times last week; and in the past continuous 4 The game has a contribution to the contribution. In the past eight games, it maintained an efficient data that was held in the field. Crawn gives the team’s great contribution in the defensive end, and the most stable weapon at the offensive team is still external to Delu-Hopkins, and he has got 9 games in this season. The list of column column is the first; and his teammates Well F Ward also have 7 time to get the account. If it is not the first four points, Ward Watson will be reimbursed early season, I believe that Texas people will be better than now. . It is also a very testive game, and it takes a lot of efforts to replace the four-point Wei Thawi.

[Pre-match] 12th week, Night, Night, Texas @ @
This week’s last game, a foreign card competed for a strong dialogue, Houston Texas will challenge the crow in the north of Baltimo and away. At present, the two teams have the possibility of promoting the playoffs, and this game will look at who can occupy the advantage.

[Events Prevent] Eightweet Sunday Night Race: Kansas City Chief VS Green Bay Packaging
Green Bay Packaging will launch Sunday Night Race in the Arrow Stadium in Kansas City. Under the leadership of two MVP, the two teams have achieved 6 wins and 5 winning achievements, and the average clearance is also very close (6.4 and 7.5).

Today, the additional shooting door after playing the ball is 12 times. Mike Nugent and Robbie Gould (Robbie Gould) were thrown once, and then the appearance of the front servants after playing. This 12 mistakes broke 46 years ago (the second week of the 1985 season), the record of 10 championships in 6 weeks, but 12 times, but 12 times, it is unprecedented.

Pittsburgh University team and the Pittsburgh steel team share the same training center *. At that time, the Steel people who held the 15th in the 2007 NFL dragons selection will be considering choosing a qualified defensive player. Kevin Colbert and the head of Mike Tomlin have been observed by him many times before the official interview Darrer Rewick.

The two MVPs in the packaging wage array have just won the best offensive players last week. There are more than 2 passes from the previous team to be traced back to the fifth week of last season, “thickness is thin” is performed. If the 6-reached state of the 6-renewed state can be continued, the packaging works will easily retreat from the harsh Chinese and Western home.

Hoyel is unlikely to be able to make competition on the field. He lost the star in Washington red skin in the local time, and 6 times successfully achieved 16 yards. His twice success is completed at a point in front of the kicking line. This career entered the 6th year of the old passengers either too high, or too low or too far.

31-year-old Rewis and 30-year-old Timons are still a very good player, but they can’t fly like the 2007 season. Today’s external connections and quarters look It is no longer afraid as the previous “Rewis Island”. Rewick has mentioned the possibility of transition safety and fish in an interview. Timomus has entered the last year of the contract, and his basic salary of the contract has reached $ 8.7 million, it seems that the steel people will be brought to him in the 2017 season.

Pert informed the team official website, he considers the overall “work situation” of Hoyell, which mentioned the three victories of the quarter-off season leading the team and Wholesale Jerseys his way to prepare a new season in the snap season. But Petty has expressed its inquiry on Tuesday, Tuesday, Huyer & Mdash; & mdash; and Memand; & mdash; is just a rookie.

Lawrence Timmons
Physical test: 6 feet 1 inch, 235 pounds
Age: 30
Career total salary: about 60 million US dollars
Nickname: & quot; Law Dawg & quot;
Occupational Bowl: 2014
The most powerful data: career only missed two games; career nearly 900
Analysis: He may be the most underestimated anti-running line guard and punch. Sometimes he will not play under the anti-transmission formation, and his output is very reliable.

Last week, Baltimore Mosa cows were a passenger, and sent a gift to the packwork, and the opponent was separated from 23-0 away. This season, the crow has been zero opponents. The crow has also become the 5th of the league history, since the first branch after the 2003 panui, can single three zero opponents in a single season. In the past four teams, they have won the super bowl in the season, respectively, the Washington Red Leather in the 1991 season, 2000 Baltimore Crow and 2003 New England Patriots. Can history fate be broken? The crow line guards CJ-Mosley took 7 times in the week, and the ball was killed and once robbed. As the middle flow of the team’s defensive group, Mosley’s role is no longer underestimated. This week, I sit in the main court, the crow is guaranteed to ensure the strength of the offensive.

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