The outermost periphery of the replica watches dial or on the outer ring of the case

An ordinary Breitling watch continuously indicates the passage of time. The chronograph is different, it can record the length of any period of time at will.

The standard chronograph has a 30-minute or 12-hour timer function. The second hand in the middle of the dial usually stops at zero. In order to show that the timepiece is walking, a small, perpetual second hand is usually added. There are two types of chronographs, one is an fake Rolex ordinary chronograph with only one measurement object, and the other is a two-second split chronograph with two measurement objects.

Generally speaking, chronographs are divided into single-second hand, double-second hand, single-button, double-button and other structures according to their design. For the purpose of dial design, the most common chronograph for measuring speed, such as replica Omega A moon watch, an Athens pulse watch for pulse measurement, and a Tissot chronograph that can measure distance and speed.

As for the method of distinguishing function, just pay attention to the English words around the face plate, such as TACHYMETER (tachometer), TELEMETER (distance finder), PULSATIONS (pulse measurement function), in fact, the way to operate the chronograph is exactly the same. The difference is only in the scale. The data displayed by different scales explain different functions, but most of the common chronographs still use the measurement of speed as the main function.

The most common calculation scale system in chronographs is usually located on the outermost periphery of the dial or on the outer ring of the case. The main principle is: Knowing a certain unit distance, such as 1 km or 1 mile, when a moving object starts to move within this distance, start the start function of the chronograph, and press the stop button when the unit distance is completed , The speed of this object is the scale indicated replica watches by the pointer. If the scale system is a single-turn design, the speed of the object is lower than 60 kilometers per hour, and the stopwatch will fail; the stopwatch with the spiral design will not encounter the general stopwatch function, the outer ring will be engraved with 500/400/350, etc. The physical quantity represented by these numbers is speed in kilometers/hour; this bezel is called TACHYMETER.

Such as a car at a fixed average speed of one kilometer or one mile. Take the speed measurement method as an example. When the car is moving forward with the mileage mark on the roadside as the reference point, the timer is activated. When the car reaches the next mileage mark, the timer is stopped and the timer pointer stays on the speedometer scale. The position of is the speed of this car. For example, 1,000 meters in 45 seconds can be converted to 80 kilometers per hour.

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