The Particular and Easy way to Seasoning New Cooking Utensils

Why do you need spices for new dishes?


If you have the opportunity to look at the kitchenware under a microscope, you can see that the surfaces are all shiny and not smooth, but bulging. These excavated areas are where food is caught and plunged into the bread surface. Spicy new dishes not only prevent this dish, but also promote cleaning and prolong organic bamboo cooking utensils.


Metal products


First, wash the metal dish with warm soap to clean any impurities and dirt collected during transport and any protective coatings used in the factory. Then dry the clean towels and place on an oven or oven hotplate at 300 degrees for about 250 minutes and for about 5 minutes. This keeps the kitchen completely dry and prevents moisture from accumulating.


Then transfer to a frying pan and pour a cloth or paper towel or oil. As a precaution, be careful not to use fats or fats that can withstand the burning of oil or peanut oil. Return the pan or plate to the pan for another 2-3 hours. To clean excess grease, wash dishes with soap and water and allow to dry completely.


Freshly cooked spicy salads do not help keeping the dishes dry. Don’t forget to cover. Moisture that can rust can increase. Preparing cast iron pots or new cooked organic bamboo cooking utensils pots, such as aluminum or steel, will help protect them from moisture and rust. In addition, it prevents your kitchenware from adding a metallic taste to your diet.


Cast iron cookware


Follow the instructions for making a new metal spice. However, skip the last step of washing with soap. Just wrap it in a cloth moistened with a round cloth. There are many types of dishes on the market. Many couples can choose from a number of dishes that can lead to conflicting preferences.


I feel that kitchen utensils should fit the needs of tableware, not wooden plastic or other metal. The situation changes because some wood bamboo comforters product manufacturers say they can cook using metal boilers. If you have a kitchen that can handle metal dishes, I try to find kitchenware that can be used for two purposes. What does double mean?


Most people make utensils that are used only for cooking in the kitchen and have other utensils specially made for outdoor grills. Well, I’m trying to find cookware that works and works, whether you’re cooking outside on the grill or in the kitchen. Plastic accessories are not strong enough to withstand the high temperatures generated by outdoor grills.


Wooden cutlery


If you have problems freezing new wooden kitchenware, protect it from cracking, tightening and drying. As usual, wash the dishes with lukewarm water using only a small amount of soap to clean up plant debris. Dry the accessories immediately to prevent premature drying or drying. Then lubricate 1 teaspoon of mineral oil evenly. Cook the dish for a while, then wipe off any excess oil with a dry cloth or paper towel to complete the new dish.

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