The PC Edition Of Horizon Zero Dawn Is A Decent Game With Some Flaws

Horizon Zero Dawn is about the story of a hunter in a world overrun by a machine. The player needs to use their weapons and other elements to combat the mechanical creature and their enemy forces.

The story is a little weird and packed with some amazing action. The best thing about this game is that it was the first release for the PlayStation and then for PC. Sony released this game for the PC with the brand name of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PC. The name is quite long, but it has the capabilities to become your next favorite PC game.

What You May Like About This Game?

You will not find anything original with this game. When you play games and slide through the tall grass to avoid being spotted by the enemies, you might think you are directing a performance rather than playing any game. The character in the game can swap weapons swiftly.

You don’t face any issue while performing other tasks like filling medical pouch, picking up weapons, and many more. These kinds of features are sufficient to deliver polished experience to the users.

The Gameplay is the plus point of this game. The game also has a text-based narration option, that was taken from its last generation game. With the right outfit, modifications, skills, and tree unlock, you can become the ranged fighter.

If you collect everything and make sure that you have the best and the perfect weapons and outfit, you can become a universal soldier with Frozen Wilds.

Every option in the game has some pros and cons. When you talk about this game with your friends, you will realize that most users are playing this game in different ways. It would be best if you thanked Guerilla (Developer of Horizon Zero Dawn) for making different play styles for everyone. Guerilla had polished every part of this game.

If you have played this game on the PlayStation 4 or know the story of this game, you might know the real benefit of playing the games on your PC. There are several beneficial features in this game. One of the essential elements is the variety in the controller styles. If you want to get the PS4’s experience, then you can use the DualShock controller. You can also mix the things with the Xbox controller and enjoy this game with the staggered sticks. If you love to play games with the mouse and keyboard, then the game allows you to use the mouse for archery mechanics. If you use the best gaming mouse, then you will get the correct accuracy during the game.

Margin For Improvement

Sometimes the game shows an error message in a white box with the black screen. Some users made complaints that the game crashes three to four times when they play games for a longer duration. Besides, the initial parts of the game are a little clumsy and stuttery, which should be improved.

Even during intensive combat, you will see that screen would pause for five seconds. These things might interrupt the overall performance of the games.

According to Sony, all these issues will be resolved with the “Day One” patch, which will be launched soon.

The Final Verdict

This game is worth every penny you spend. You can enjoy this game on your PC from Steam. Possibly, the popularity of this game on PC can change the gaming industry, and you might be able to see more games like Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PC.

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Source: The PC Edition Of Horizon Zero Dawn Is A Decent Game With Some Flaws

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