The perfect diary brand has become a leading local cosmetics brand in China

The perfect diary brand has become a leading local cosmetics brand in China, even surpassing the top international cosmetics brands, and is widely popular among Chinese consumers. Among the three most popular brands among generation Z consumers in China, it is tied with Huawei and Li Ning.

The perfect diary brand was founded by Yasen in 2016 and is the first cosmetics brand of Yasen e-commerce. Yatsen’s empire has now expanded to include cosmetics brands little Ondine and Abby’s choice. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange last November, becoming the first Chinese beauty company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Rapid offline and online expansion of the perfect diary brand

Perfect diary has more than 30 physical stores in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other places in China. However, the brand is ambitious and plans to open 600 stores in the next three years. Every perfect diary store has a shopping guide that offers discounts to consumers who follow their social media accounts. E-commerce consumers will also receive a package discount coupon of 1 – 2 yuan, which can be redeemed by paying attention to the official wechat account of the perfect diary.

Therefore, they have 15.92 million fans on tmall, 2.59 million fans on, 570000 fans on Weibo, and 1.94 million fans on xiaohongshu and stores with 538 products. They also have two authentication accounts on the short video platform Tiktok: one focuses on promoting content and advertising, and the other is used for users to share the experience of specific products.

The main account of the perfect diary, wechat, has 3.49 million fans, but the brand has more than 20 official account, such as makeup laboratories, product recommendation communities, and trial stores. Although these accounts focus on different content, they all share activities about new product promotions and special events. They also have wechat fan chat groups with their consumers and personal consultant Xiao Wanzi to answer consumers’ questions. Wechat users can add “xiaowanzi” so that they will not miss any messages about the perfect diary. Many accounts help perfect diary expand its influence on wechat, and make the brand one of the few companies that successfully obtain traffic on wechat.

Perfect diary has also expanded to the international market, with an English website, instagram and twitter accounts. The brand has won many world-renowned awards, such as WWD beatyinc x Meiya award and Elle beauty star award in 2019. In order to increase brand awareness, they launched a sales representative program. When individuals promote through the perfect diary website, they will receive commissions.

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