The perfect diary eyeshadow palette has a total of 6 palettes

First of all, if I recommend an eyeshadow palette that is easy to use, I would definitely recommend the perfect diary eyeshadow palette. It can’t be defined as high-end, and I don’t feel like it’s really high-end. But if you are a person who is just getting started and wants to draw eye shadows and wants to buy a better set of eye shadows, this one is the best one for practicing. The perfect diary eyeshadow palette is a very practical and low-key earth tones.

It can be seen that the flash is also a very low-key flash, which is very suitable for daily work. If there is a party at night after work, you can use the darkest color to smudge the entire double eyelid, and then use the flash to brighten the top of the eye or the middle of the eyelid. .


The perfect diary eyeshadow palette eye shadow is basically the most classic affordable Japanese eye shadow product, with elegant color matching and delicate powder. perfect diary eyeshadow palette There have been a lot of net reds in recent years, but the ones I use the most every day are the beautiful shaft series of the first-generation net red series. And Yinghua is the most famous color in the beautiful axis, mainly peach pink brown.

After applying it, it feels gentle and intellectual. There is no obvious or heavy eye shadow, but the outline of the inexplicable eyes becomes very beautiful, and the whole person also adds a gentle and soft feeling.


The perfect diary eyeshadow palette has a total of 6 palettes. In fact, it is really a classic palette. Among the ten recommendations today, there are three palettes from the beautiful axis series.

Pine is a typical neutral earth color, no matter in any occasion, it can never go wrong, and regardless of skin color, it can match the popular color very well, and the eyes are very energetic.

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