The Perils of a Messy House: Why Keeping Your Home Clean is Crucial to your Well-Being


Living in a clean house can drastically improve the quality of your life. A place that’s free of clutter and dirt can be relaxing, and having less dust and allergens around can improve your health. If you neglect cleaning up after yourself on a regular basis, however, there are plenty of dangers that can come from it. Here are some risks of not cleaning your house regularly so you have even more motivation to hire a maid service Redwood City that can keep your home tidy at all times.

Dirt & Dust Worsen Allergies:

Allergies can be very uncomfortable. And for some people, allergies are just an annoyance. But for others, allergy symptoms such as stuffy nose and itchy eyes can be debilitating. It turns out that dust and dirt are a major cause of allergies (itchiness, sneezing, coughing or watery eyes) because they release microscopic particles that our immune system reacts to.

Mold Growth Due to Humidity:

Mold can grow in an unclean house and spores released into the air are harmful to your health. The higher the humidity, the faster mold can grow. Keep your house clean and dry by running an exhaust fan in bathrooms, turning off appliances when you’re not using them, and opening windows when it’s raining outside. Additionally, use dehumidifiers whenever necessary to prevent mold infestation in the future.

Clutter in the Home Causes Stress:

Clutter in the home is not just an aesthetic nuisance, but it has been shown to cause stress. According to the experts of house cleaning Redwood City, people who live in cluttered homes reported higher levels of depression and anxiety. The researchers suggest that cleaning out the clutter can help alleviate this stress. In addition, clutter may affect the ability to form new memories or retrieve old ones. The abundance of stuff we see all around us may also make it harder for our brains to focus on any one thing.

Pests and Bug Infestation:

Bugs and pests are attracted to dirty houses and can be found in many different places. They might live inside your walls, on the floors, or anywhere in between. These tiny creatures love to eat food scraps and other things they find laying around the house. They can also spread diseases that affect you and your family members. So when you don’t clean your house, it creates a perfect home for these bugs. If you want to keep them away, you need to start by removing clutter and doing deep cleans. Weekly cleanups by a professional maid service can be very helpful.

Cleaning your house might not be the most exciting part of your week, but you do it because it’s important. You don’t want to feel gross, and having a clean house makes guests feel more comfortable and sets an example for kids as well. Hire a professional cleaning service Redwood City if you cannot do it yourself.

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