The Photostick Mobile

What is the Photostick Mobile?

The PhotoStick Mobile is a nifty storage device for taking backup of your videos and photos from your mobile phone. It is one of the innovative gadgets of this generation that provides a hassle-free solution for efficient data storage. It works for both iOS and Android devices. Even though it is hardly the size of a thumb, it works very fast. Just plug it in and you are good to take a backup. It can also organize your files effectively and can hold up to 60,000 photos and videos.

How Does Photostick Mobile Works?
Photostick Mobile For IPhone
Download and install ThePhotoStick Mobile App.
Click On Run.
Once you plug in ThePhotoStick Mobile into your smartphone, click on “Backup Now.”
ThePhotoStick will then take over and scan through every corner of your folders, backing up all the photos and videos while skipping duplicate copies.
When your files are all backed up into ThePhotoStick Mobile, you can go ahead and delete the ones on your phone to free up more space.
There are separate devices for iOS and Android, so you have to ensure that you get the right one when making a purchase.

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