The PLG — A Premier 3PL Logistics Shipping Company

The privately held and run Partnerlog Group is one of the top global 3pl freight companies Los Angeles (PLG). Our network spans over 180 nations and 6 continents, and we offer international logistical services. Our aim is to help clients manage their commodities more efficiently throughout their supply chains. Modern technology, a strong dedication, and a management team are all used to achieve this goal.
We are cognizant of the importance that specialised 3PL logistics companies have in the present-day, fiercely competitive business market. We have successfully established ourselves as a complicated and reliable 3pl freight company in Los Angeles because to our culture that rewards excellence. We offer unmatched value-added services and thorough logistics solutions to satisfy all.
We provide services to a variety of industries that demand consistent delivery and careful attention to detail. Thanks to a team of seasoned techs and executives, spreading all across US, at the helm, we work perfectly with clients that want to ship their items coast to coast by road, ocean, or air. Things need to be moved quickly, securely, and economically. We run our firm through four key business divisions: sourcing, logistics, vendor management, and quality control. As a reputed freight and logistics companies Chicago, we have a long record of satisfied clients in large part due to how successfully we work together.
PLG is your one-stop logistics shop, reputed logistics freight company Los Angeles. As we create a solution that is precisely designed to improve and streamline your logistics, strong business ethics serve as our compass. From place of origin to point of destination, you can count on us to manage your whole transportation programme with the finest promptness and effectiveness. Because we believe that our clients deserve nothing less, we at PLG go above and above to assure them complete happiness. We continually implement upgrades and innovations to solve any issue. Our mission is to help your supply chain function more effectively, boost output, cut expenses, and scale operations to accommodate your growing needs.
One of our major focuses is creating enduring relationships with our beloved clientele. This is the cornerstone of our business success. Our one-of-a-kind track and trace service provides real-time digital access to critical information while letting you know the whereabouts of your shipment whenever and wherever you want. So, why are you waiting for? Visit us today at:

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