The Popularity of NFC Cards in the UK

Are you looking for unique ways to gain more potential clients? Try orderingNFC business cards in the UK.

Why are NFC business cards so popular in the United Kingdom?

NFC technology is used everywhere, from keychains to wristbands and signboards.In fact, your smartphone is already built with NFC compatibility, allowing you to connect to Wi-Fi networks, pay for goods, and send messages.But did you know that you can also order NFC business cards in the UK and use them to connect to potential clients?

NFC visiting cardslook just like regularbusiness cards. However, they do have one feature you can’t find on traditional options: The ability to send data from one device to another. This is whyNFC business cards are valued in numerous industries for the following features:

  • Versatility

There’s no limit to what you can do with an NFC visiting card. For most users, the ability to save their personal information on the chip is enough; however, you can also get more creative with the features.

Why not use the business card to send people to an email list, web page, or social media profile? You can also add links to almost everywhere, from an app download page to discount coupons!

  • Ease of use

NFC stands for near-field communication, and it does its job very well. All you need is a compatible smartphone and you can access the card’s contents with a single tap. Because of this, you can rely on one or only a few NFC cards to connect with potential clients. Transfer your information wirelessly instead of giving out traditional business cards and possibly even forgetting to bring them!

  • Security

Most would assume that NFC is not as reliable as Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi, but that is not the case. The technology relies on short-distance communication, so data will not be transmitted unless a device is centimetres away from the tag.

In addition, you can secure your NFC cards further with a password. NXP NTAG213 chips can be permanently locked after you’ve encoded data, protecting your personal information from being altered!

  • Customisability

Do you want to take your creativity to the next level? Your NFC business cards in the UK don’t have to look like traditional cards. You are free to choose more unique options like a bamboo card, matte finish, or a transparent PVC tag!

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NFC Tube is an online print and design company that provides innovative business cards. The company offers contactless smart card design according to the business brand and create an impression that clients will never forget.

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