The Potential Hazards of Price Manipulation at Fuel Stations

While the thought of making a quick buck by manipulating prices at your fuel station is tempting, especially when a rare opportunity comes knocking on your fuel station door, it is always a great idea to stay within the purview of the law. As a leading fuel wholesaler in Georgia we know how risky it can be especially since gasoline stations are constantly on federal and state radars.

First Recommendation

Even at a time of national crisis, the eyes of law enforcement are wide open. Adhere to best practices in the industry and conduct your business fairly on a level playing field. If anything, out of the way comes to public notice, your customers will ditch you and go to your competitors. Furthermore, such complaints may compel the Feds to take stern action against your fuel station.

Case Study

This is what happened when the North Carolina Department of Justice recently explored complaints on price gouging. Consumers filed complaints about a gasoline station in Durham, close to Duke University. The Justice Department subsequently filed a lawsuit. According to the complaint, the service station in question was advertising regular grade gasoline and offering only premium grade gasoline. If found guilty, the fuel station owner will have to make restitution for the loss its action caused to consumers.

Expansion Possibilities

If you are experiencing a genuine financial crunch which is motivating you to play with prices, consider expanding into new areas such as EV charging stations and convenience stores. Call us for assistance in this regard because as a leading bulk fuel distributor in Georgia we can most definitely help you get all set up. If you already have a convenience store fully operational on your premises, we can suggest several strategies  to increase sales. It goes without saying that competition and innovation go hand in hand today.

Can you think of an instance where you played the game strictly by the rules and were duly rewarded? Can you recall an instance or two where your customers praised you for your honesty? Share your experience with us in the comment section below and call us for great ideas on how to increase sales at your service station without having to engage in dubious practices that are probably illegal.

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