The Practical Equipment No Thrift Store Should Be Without

Running a thrift store is a labor of love. That love, and the labor, are manifest in a number of ways. They recycle, upcycle, save things that would otherwise be relegated to the landfill, and provide a source of low-cost shopping for people in the area. Those that are nonprofit, of course contribute to charity. Keeping that love going requires a lot of labor. Thankfully, there are a number of tools, from a collapsible hand truck to a well-stocked break room that can help keep thrift stores running and doing good work.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.09.24 AM Furnishing Break Rooms and Equipping the Employees

Like owning a house, running a business is accompanied by a million details you’d never have considered before being in that position. Even the most conscientious and prepared business owners or managers can overlook details when fitting out the business. One detail that might get overlooked is the break room. Every break room should have at least a microwave, a fridge, a toaster oven, and a safe place for employees to store their things. Stocking the break room with snacks can be great for morale, and keeping it stocked with all the necessities is an important responsibility.

Tools for Transporting Stock

A thrift store is one of the few business models in which those running it often have literally no idea what stock will be coming in. On any given day, it could find itself in possession in everything from bags of yarn to an armoire weighing hundreds of pounds. Responding appropriately means being prepared for anything. Be sure your business is equipped with a healthy collection of hand trucks, hand carts, platform trucks, and other moving tools for employees. Also provide shopping carts, baskets, wheeled bins, and platform trucks if they’re needed for customers. For that quarter-ton armoire, it’s not a bad idea to have at least one appliance hand truck on hand as well.

Storage Devices for Organizing New Inventory

The other challenge accompanying accepting, moving, and stocking a whole potential universe of diverse inventory is finding a place to keep it. Having disorganized, unsorted piles of who knows what is a potential loss of time and money. Be serious about storing and organizing that inventory. Invest in a diverse collection of storage solutions that make good use of vertical space and plan your intake process. Lidded plastic bins of different sizes can be labeled and sorted onto shelves. Hanging shelving makes use of otherwise wasted overhead space. You can even make use of donations for temporary storage. One of the benefits of the thrift store model is that stock will come in, like that massive armoire, that can be used as temporary storage solutions until they’re moved to the floor.

Equipment for Accident Prevention and Employee Protection

It’s important to remember to plan for unexpected events. That can be difficult, but federal and state workplace guidelines will have plenty of guidance on how to create a safe work environment. The unexpected will happen, eventually. Biohazard events on the thrift store’s property, for instance. Be sure that in addition to the bleach and other supplies necessary for cleaning up anything potentially bio-hazardous, employees have access to the right personal protective equipment (PPE). That sort of PPE includes equipment like facemasks and respirators, and latex and nitrile gloves. Keeping heavier work gloves, protective headgear, and eye and ear protection on-site is always wise as well. Your specific requirements will vary depending on the type of work environment and potential hazards.

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