The premium touch of the Tassar silk

The Tassar silk is a smooth fiber which is used as a fabric for sarees. The Tassar silk is super light and feels soft when touched. A great variety of dyes are used with Tassar silk. Chhattisgarh along with Jharkhand boast about the most premium weaving hubs for Tassar sarees. If one can think of a silk that can be compared with the premium quality of the mulberry silk, it is indeed the Tassar silk. It is made of fine quality texture; the light golden fiber of Tassar is popularly used as saree fabric. This beautiful piece of woman’s saree tassar cotton katan is bound to attract your attention. It is available for buying at Tribes India website.

The stirking feature about Tassar

Tassar silk is very light to the touch and feels very delicate. It uses a great range of dyes and makes the silk very desirable. It uses plenty of added decorations such as Zardozi and Kundan dots. Small mirrors shaped like rhombus are added to give a reflecting appearance. The embroidery is intricately done and many other artsy features are added. The floral design looks appealing to the viewer’s eyes. The routine activities are also brilliantly portrayed as sketches on some of these silks. Grab your favorite piece of woman’s tussar silk saree at the website of Tribes India.

The transitions to a premium weave

The silk is derived from the fibers produced by Antheraea which is a moth. They are often found on trees in the deep forest of Jharkhand. It is a popular term there to refer premium silk sarees. The Tassar silk is gathered after boiling cocoons in steaming water and further dried in the sun. The Bhagalpur version of the silk is known for humane production. They let the silkworms leave their cocoons, as they wait for 15 days before boiling it.

The brilliant thing about the Tassar is the finish. It is of premium quality and the colors used vary widely. The colors look very sharp and pleasing. It portrays great ethnic value. The durability of the weave adds value to the finished product. If you are a fan of silk sarees then check women’s tassar plain saree at tribes India website.

Suitable for any occasion

Great range of mixed blends is available with the likes of Banarasi handlooms or Gicha jute. The patchwork along with embroidery gives an extraordinary texture which looks veryattractive. The Tassar silk are great for various occasions. You can wear this as wedding attire or for corporate meetings; also, it is ideal for religious activities. You can buy gorgeous sarees such as tribes India multicolored tussar silk saree at tribes India website.

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