The Pro Clubs game mode set to get some new features in FIFA 21

Many soccer fans are looking forward to FIFA 21 and players are hoping that the game will be a significant improvement on its predecessors. FIFA 20 attracted negative attention as it had server problems as well as a lack of progression from other installments of the series. The outlook for FIFA 21 seems brighter and Electronic Arts seems to be changing features to meet the expectations of fans. One of these changes will appear in the Pro Clubs Mode.

The Pro Clubs Mode allows players to embody an upcoming soccer star or manager and guide them through the challenges of increasingly prestigious leagues. However, the mode has been available for a number of years without any considerable changes made to the gameplay. Following a series of announcements about upcoming changes to FIFA 21, Electronic Arts have revealed that there will be a lot more options in this particular game mode in the new title.

In terms of these new customization options, you can change any AI’s appearance, name, and kit number. You’ll have to be an admin of a club to do so, but anyone in your club will have the right to freely look through your squad. If you are in need of Cheap FIFA 21 Accounts, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “5MMO”.

Most of the options are simply cosmetic but there are a couple of significant gameplay implications. For instance, you can now choose the preferred foot of every AI player on your team. This will make it easier to know which foot to primarily use with each player rather than having to guess.

Otherwise, the long-awaited addition of custom tactics will be arriving in Pro Clubs with FIFA 21. Tactics are custom setups within FIFA that let you fine-tune how your team plays. They are used a lot in Ultimate Team to prevent full-backs from running out of position, tweaking your defensive line, and changing the behavior of specific players.

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