The Pros and Cons of Ocean Freight Shipping

There are different modes of transporting goods from one location to another such as transport by land, air freight services, and sea freight services. Have you ever wondered what is the most popular mode of international transport? It is ocean freight shipping. Over 70% of the world’s freight is transported via sea freight services due to a variety of reasons. In this article, we will take a deep look at the pros and cons of ocean freight shipping.

Pros of Ocean Freight Shipping

Larger Shipping Capacity

Ocean freight shipping has a larger shipping capacity and is perfect for large shipments and bulk orders. The alternative modes such as air freight are more suitable for smaller scale and lighter products.

Cheap Pricing

As far as pricing structures are concerned,sea freight services are about three to four times cheaper than air freight and other modes of transport. Also, since ocean freight allows for easy shipping of large quantities the per-unit cost is much lesser than air freight where the standard rates per kg range between $4-$8 depending on the service provider.

Fewer Restrictions

Air freight has strict rules and restrictions on the type of products to be shipped and quantities as well. Highly flammable products such as chemicals, perfumes, and medicines are not allowed to be shipped via air freight. Also, it is not practical and viable to ship heavyweight items via air freight. In such cases, ocean freight shipping would be the best option.

Cons of Ocean Freight Shipping


Unpredictability in delivery times and duration is a key factor that deters some from choosing sea freight services. Delays in customs, port congestion, and poor weather conditions can delay your ocean freight by weeks or months. It is difficult to predict and plan for such situations since it involves external forces beyond the control of your ocean freight shipping provider.

Longer lead times for shipping

Ocean freight takes a very long time when compared to air freight. Research has proven that ocean freight shipping is about three to four times slower than air freight. On average a shipment by Sea from the USA to China will take approximately thirty to forty days at a minimum but the same shipment if done via air freight will take only around a week maximum. And if you were opt-in for express air fright you can get it delivered sooner within three days.

Less Protection

In ocean freight shipping the goods remain in transit for a longer time therefore chances of damage are more likely.

Final Thoughts

Ocean freight shipping has both pros and cons. Depending on your situation and exact requirement you can assess if ocean freight shipping is best and if so, opt-in for it. Ifreight is one of the best ocean freight shipping lines that is well-known for being a well-reputed and reliable service provider.

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