The Prospering Of Nail Art Design India Industry

When it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, nail art is very much in vogue these days in India. From simple nail paints to metallic nails to gel-based nail polishes and now nail art, nail trends have come a long way today. Women love trying new stuff when it comes to nails and nail art is one of most trending one that lady of all generation loves having. Suiting to your mood and personality, there is every kind of Nail Art in India available. Nail art design can speak volumes about your personality along with spicing up your look.

Nail Art Madness in India

The cosmetic industry is said to be growing at the rate of 15 to 20 percent per annum and this growth could be well estimated from the fact that over a period of time, there has been a stream of nail salons and academies even in the smaller cities in India.

Nail art has always added to the beauty of one’s personality and having realized the same, salons in India have brought a three-dimensional touch to the nail grooming. While some time back nail art only comprised of cutting and decorating of nails, nail care, nail color and art, piercing and artificial nails, it is now that the growing popularity of 3D Nail Art in India has made a transition in the industry during recent times.

No doubt that it is a huge market to be in and that it is here to stay despite the costs involved, catering to all levels of society with nail art designs which includes endless product line of Swarovski, glitters, mylars, transfer foils, diamonds, 3D flowers, dry flowers, gemstones, pearls, rhinestones, ceramic, glass and the list goes on. The range in nail art is enormous – from 3D, acrylics, nail stickers. A lot of variety is used in creating 3D art and one of the most commonly used is 3D acrylic nail art. The other is a 3D sticker which gives a 3D effect and then there are 3D nail art molds which makes nail art simpler to create.

Trending Nail Art Design in India

Whether you choose for for tribal art, geometric designs, mix and match prints, or simply opt for bright colors with minimal nail art designs there’s no limit of creativity for such nails. What’s more, there is something for everyone here. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Two strike tone nail art

This nail art design idea is both simplistic and artistic. This two-strike tone nail art look is such a design and creates a fashionably chic appearance. Try rocking the look with bright colored nail paints on the weekend or more subdued shades during the week.

Studded nail art design in India

Try adding a few stones/studs at the edge of your nails. The dramatic design pairs well with dark and rich, wintery hues, such as blue, burgundy, oxblood and plum.

Pearl nail art design

Add some glamour to your fingertips with the addition of mini pearl beads. The beads can easily be bought online and attached by pressing them into wet polish. Use one on each nail for a sophisticated touch or cover your nails completely for a luxurious look.
Words nail art

Why not take a clue of Nail Art Design India from Katy Perry and spell things out with words on your nails? The fun style can be used for anything from your name to instructions whatever you feel like.

Apart from the above mentioned there are literally hundred creative ways to design your nails, as you can find them from your nail salon, Internet and so on.

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