The PS5 Digital Edition prepares Sony for that reality in which physical formats no longer matter

Do you want to see the PS5? Take a look at it here. Sony surprised all of yesterday by unveiling the design of its next-generation console. The protagonists looked like the games until all of them were overshadowed by the presentation of the design of the PS5.

Not only that: Sony also revealed that next to the PS5, a PS5 Digital Edition without an optical drive will be sold. The decision is unique, and shows that Sony recognizes this market reality: many users no longer buy discs with games or movies, and they want everything digitally best SEO Company in India .

Learning from the Xbox One S All-Digital

Sony’s move is striking because it agrees with its rival, Microsoft. In April 2019 appeared the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, a special console for the first time left behind the optical drive and instead saw its price reduced by $ 50 compared to Xbox One S ($ 249 versus $ 299).

The impact of this console seems to have been very small, but the blame here has been Microsoft itself, which launched this edition when it was already clear that in 2020 the new consoles would be put on sale by both Microsoft and Sony.

Not only that: the new console had to compete with its older sister, the Xbox One S with an optical drive, which dropped in price in many stores. In stores like Walmart, it was possible to get a regular Xbox One S for $ 215 just when the Xbox One S All Digital went on sale for $ 249.


Microsoft has not spoken of units sold for a long time, but analysts indicated in March how the Christmas promotion that put the Xbox One S All Digital at $ 149 served to boost sales of these consoles remarkably. 

Betting on a future of downloads and streaming

Sony did not speak of prices for these consoles and did not clarify if there would be any additional difference in their specifications. Some hope that you have more capacity in your SSD, but that does not seem likely and everything indicates that the only difference between one and the other will be the presence or absence of the optical drive.

The appearance of the digital model pursues the same goal as the one pursued by the Xbox One S All Digital. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, stated in a BBC interview how “many of our consumers are only buying digital formats these days,” and here they wanted to “offer the ability to choose. “

This reality is evident to many users who have been making time on various social networks or forums making it clear that they no longer buy games in physical format and do not take advantage of the console as a Blu-ray player.

Changing discs is a can for many, and in fact, it is curious that both on Xbox One and PS4 to play a game that you have in physical format, you have to have the disc inserted in the console even having installed it. There is no such requirement for digital downloads, which makes the entire experience more comfortable.

The discs can also end up scratching or getting dirty, which endangers enjoying them after a certain time if we don’t take care of them with care. Physical formats certainly have their charm and are the pride of those who collect them, and here we could rethink another curious question: if downloads do not force the manufacturer to spend money on their replication and distribution, why do digital games cost so much ( or sometimes more ) than physicists?

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Not all are advantages

For others, this digital edition imposes clear disadvantages. Above all, because that concept of property that physical formats give us is lost. With digital formats, it may happen that whoever has sold us the content ends up disappearing and that ** compromises our purchase ** —the game is not ours, we only “license” it to play as much as we want.


In addition to this, we no longer have access to the market for second-hand games, an option that was still important for many users, but that is also being overshadowed by the fact that video game stores increasingly offer more aggressive strategies Giving away great games — look at the Epic Store — or offering them at knockdown prices in different promotions.


It is interesting to mention here that Microsoft has always seemed to be more prepared than Sony for a digital edition of its console: its commitment to subscription services is enormous with Xbox Live and especially Xbox Game Pass, and although Sony has its alternatives, its offer in this area is inferior to that of Redmond.

Perhaps this will allow the Japanese company to boost its subscription strategy … and who knows if it will also launch a video game streaming platform similar to those that Google Stadia or Microsoft’s Project xCloud propose for the future and that they also make sense on those consoles.

Facing all those barriers is perhaps the other great advantage of the PS5 Digital Edition: it is symmetrical in its design. Those who have a particular OCD or hobby about it are covered. Perhaps even that has been a differential element when launching this edition, who knows.

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