The Rain A Disappointing Season 3 Rendered the Entire Show Pointless

The show started as being much more than a post-apocalyptic thriller. It explores how, after a life-altering catastrophe, can people learn to be human again? Or does their capacity to care for one another take a back seat as their survival instincts kick in? The Rain is also Netflix’s first venture into Scandinavian television. This show also holds relevance to the current times in more ways than one. Apparently, the rain in the show contains a certain kind of deadly virus that kills people painfully and quickly. Add a couple of good-looking teenagers and a group of young survivors, and you have yet another sci-fi horror perfect for the current streaming trends.

Source:- The Rain A Disappointing Season 3 Rendered the Entire Show Pointless

The first two seasons of the show were extremely well received compared to what they’ve done with the third season. After a brief initial appearance made by the parents in the first season, the show mainly revolves around the survival of the kids. The parents leave Simone, played by Alba August and her younger brother Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen) in an underground bunker in the forest. Eventually, they are forced to come out when a group of survivors on the outside blocks their bunker’s air passage.

A Disappointing Finale

After a good two seasons, the show’s season 3 finally came out on the 6th of August. Unfortunately, the new season, which also happens to be the last, turned out to be extremely disappointing. It was heavily criticized for being problematic and pointless. The entire season was very badly written and didn’t do justice to an otherwise great show. Of course, the season wasn’t all bad, it had its good moments, but overall, it was a letdown. The fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment and viewers that have recently begun streaming the show are questioning whether or not it’s worth seeing through till the end.

However, if you did enjoy the first two seasons, there is no point in hoping for another season that will clean up the mess that season 3 made. Netflix had already announced last year that “The Rain” will not see the fourth season. So, if you’re wondering what to watch next, Netflix has many other exciting sci-fi shows that you can indulge in. Just enter “science-fiction” in your Netflix search, and you will find a variety of exciting new shows to choose from.

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