The relevance of a check shirt in a guy’s wardrobe

The check shirt for men is an article of clothing apparently as old as fashion itself. As styles and fashions ebb and flow, the shirt remains a basic of any guy’s wardrobe. In recent years we have seen the supremacy of the check shirt for men. Whether in jazzy new media agencies, at the movies with the partner, or solely at the pub, the check shirt has found its place in a contemporary guy’s heart. A shirt is often the simplest answer to the roughest of fashion quandaries. Over a t-shirt or vest, beneath a casual jacket or blazer, sleeves turned up or left down; the alternatives are apparently boundless. We haven’t even considered the collar. Left down for a formal occasion, or flicked up for that more bad boy’s appearance. Shirts are as multipurpose as they are vital. It is challenging to walk into several high street shops now without being barraged by options and check shirts are no different here. However, there are some things to wait on to ensure that the shirt you purchase is good quality:


  • Fitted: A good shirt, whether a check shirt or not, should constantly be fitted. The design leaves you looking clever and on style.
  • Long sleeves: Several shirts this year will be short sleeved, however, it is paramount to have a long sleeved shirt for a few reasons. One, the ‘rolled up’ appearance categorically works with a shirt, and two, as we approach the Autumn / Winter season, it categorically does pay to be able to roll those sleeves down on a icy night.
  • Cotton: Real check shirt for men should be made of the premium cotton. Do not compromise on rate; a good shirt will last you a lengthy time and be a continuous fall back for lots of occasions.
  • Two front pockets: A key appearance for all checked shirts is the double front pockets. Several are more of a stylistic, aesthetic point than having any actual function; however the better ones do permit you to store things like loose change, small notes and business cards.
  • Metal buttons: A luxury shirt should have metal buttons if they are to make it show up from the masses. The metal buttons categorically do give the shirt a finished feel and will give your check shirt a far more authentic texture.

Lastly, one thing to keep in mind – as with all things – is that if you take care of a shirt, it will take care of you. Selecting a correct formal shirt from the stores is a task. At large, the stock display inside a shirt store is chiefly concentrated on enticing customers to the brands, followed by the designs and colors of the cloth. The shirts inside the shelves or heaps are arranged as per the fabric designs, styles and dimensions. Once you surf through the displays, it is time to check if you can find the correct shirt to purchase.

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