The Right Guide to Using Combination Strapping Tool

The strapping is a vital part of the packaging. If you are looking for higher job output and enhanced efficiency, a combination strapping tool can be a handy tool. 

If you need to bundle or strap items and want to bundle them at the time of storage or transit, then the strapping tool can be the best tool to make your application ideal. The right tool is a handy one that becomes effective to keep your item from falling over.  

The Types Of Strapping Tools Are As Follows:

  • Tensioners-These are the tools that can be operated manually. They are mainly meant for bundling smaller jobs and make your application ideal. You can also use and implement a tensioner with a woven polyester strap.
  • Sealers- If you intend to wrap and hold smaller items with a lot of weight, sealers can be used.
  • Combination tools- These tools are also hand-held. They use either steel straps or plastic or wrapping. Combination Strapping Tool Melbourne both act as tensioner and sealer. A combination strapping tool is much preferred in the industrial units and give you enhanced productivity, saving much of your time, money and energy.

Why Should You Use A Combination Tool?

If you need to strap together boxes and cartons onto a pallet(which are of moderate height), then the combination tool can serve your purpose. Now, if you are managing a business and trying to strap heavy volumes that are too large to handle, then an automatic strapping machine can get your job done. Depending upon the strapping application, you can discuss with the experts the type of tool you need to require for your job. The right packaging company can also provide you with quality Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Tensioner Melbournto meet your needs and application.

Why Should You Prefer Poly Or Plastic Packaging? 

This form of strapping is manufactured in the industry tolerances and can be approved to be used with both brick and lumber. It is perfect for heavy-duty loads when good initial tension and retained tension is needed. Poly strapping is much preferred in the industries as it is safer, economical and recycling can be done easily. The major parts of poly strapping are as follows:

Polypropylene Strapping-

Polypropylene strapping applies for medium to light duty straps. This is applicable for light-duty unitizing, bundling and so on. It has high elongation recovery. 

Polyester Strapping- 

Polyester and nylon are the most used and strongest packaging applications used in certain applications. This type of strapping can be either woven or non-woven. This type of strapping retains excellent tension on rigid loads. This is resistant to high temperature, and ultraviolet rays. This type of wrapping can be printed. While you are going for choosing the right strapping application, you must ensure that the right packaging company would offer you quality products and services to suit your needs. You must ensure that the packaging company is professional, reliable and gives you quality service to suit your needs. They must be trained and certified. The strapping tools are easier to use, enhance your work credibility, functionality and efficiency giving you more output and project delivery. 

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