The Right Video Conferencing Platform: Google Meet or Zoom

Google Meet and Zoom are the two popular video conferencing platforms that enable you to conduct meetings with a good number of participants at the same time.

However, the two platforms seem to be very much alike but have a lot of different features that favor them, respectively.

Google Meet is best at use when you prefer small and quick meetings along with the simplicity, while Zoom can favor you if you want to conduct large meetings with a lot of features.

Let’s pick the best choice for you by getting a bit clear about the two.


Google Meet: Quick meetings and Simple

The common feature that both the platforms, Google Meet and Zoom share, are the video calls with up to 100 participants at once for free, but for a limited time.

Anyone can join a conference call or a meeting if you have a Google account in order to get down to Google Meet. Its meetings or video conferencing is end-to-end encrypted that maintains the privacy, something that Zoom has a hard time to hold onto. While Google Meet maintains security, Zoom has its advanced features, which shall be talked about later.

Google Meet also enables you to get in a meeting or become a participant using the Web, which means there is no such requirement to download a third-party application on your device. All you need to do is, visit the official website of Google Meet and put in the login details to sign in your account. You can plan a meeting in advance or start with it right away. Once you host a meeting, share the URL of the same with the people you want to add to your conference call.

Google meets also lets you share your screen with the fellow-participants with the help of the screen-sharing feature. You may also share documents, files, mute voice and video call, etc. If you have a G Suite subscription account, you’ll be introduced to a lot more features like the conduct of meeting with up to 250 participants, screen recording, etc.

Apart from talking about Google Meet’s features, it allows you to stay over a call for about 60 minutes, unlike Zoom. It is simple to use and doesn’t cost you even a penny if you want to host small meetings.

Zoom: Large meetings and plenty of features

Zoom has suddenly hyped in the market and people are taking advantage to its fullest by hosting webinars, conferences, etc. Zoom doesn’t only play a role in professional meetings, it is also used for informal video conferencing.

Zoom also has a free version that lets you hold a meeting for about 40 minutes, along with a lot of handy features, and a limit of 100 participants to join at a time. Zoom too enables you to mute video/audio, share files, and exchange emojis. Not only this, but it also allows you to record screens, unlike Google Meet.

Zoom has an advanced version for which a certain amount is to be paid, and it lets you host meetings longer than the time restriction along with unlimited features.

Some most important features of Zoom are listed below:

  • A waiting room: It is a window that displays all the people waiting to join your meeting. The host can let someone enter or restrict them from entering the meeting. It also enables the host to disconnect a participant from the ongoing session.
  • Recording: Zoom allows you to record the meeting even if you don’t have its premium account, unlike Google meet.
  • Changing backgrounds: You can set up a background for your video. You may browse any still photographs or videos to run in the back.
  • Gallery view: Zoom lets you see a window of up to 49 active participants, while Google Meet only displays 16.

One necessary thing to join a Zoom meeting is to have its application downloaded. A link is all you require to join a meeting, but the application is a must, even if you don’t have your own account created.

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