The Right Way to Attract Business Travelers to Your Hotel

There are different types of travelers in the world – leisure, businessmen, family, backpackers, and much more. You might be one of the best hotels in Hyderabad, but attracting business travelers to your hotel can be challenging. It is now the ideal time to seize this opportunity and figure out how to draw business visitors to your hotel, with global business travel revenue on the rise.

Traditional business travellers are extinct in today’s world. With the dynamics of technology and convenience shifting, even business visitors are looking for hotels that provide them with a seamless, lightning-quick experience.


Why do hotels need to attract business travelers?

Getting more business travelers to stay at your hotel can raise occupancy rates, especially during low-season times. Additionally, these corporate travelers account for 80% of business at some of the largest hotels in the world, like Marriott and Hilton.

Most business travelers must stay in hotels for their business and in-person meetings. However, because there are many prospects for business growth in this area of the sector, many people book rooms, choose from a fantastic food menu, and use amenities that suit their personal tastes. Moreover, they occasionally bring back a number of previous visitors and help hotels draw in new ones.

The topic of how to begin welcoming these kinds of visitors to your hotel now that the requirement to target business travelers has been established. Even the top luxury hotels in Hyderabad find it difficult to manage customers’ requirements. Can your hotel accommodate your customers’ needs? What is your USP?

That said, here are some of the ways you can implement to attract business travelers to your hotel.

  1. Provide corporate rates with more recreational facilities

Business people travel all across the globe due to their work requirements. That’s why they need the best staying experience at your hotel. At times, entrepreneurs extend their stay because they might have any unplanned meetings, upcoming events or any other personal reasons.

The strain of work meetings and traveling can boost their stress in the body and mind which makes them feel overwhelmed. Hence, they always look for the best hotels in Hyderabad that provide them with the best amenities and corporate rates to de-stress themselves. Hence, ensure that you support transforming their business tour into a stress-free one.

  1. Don’t forget about social media.

With the use of the internet nowadays, social media channels are in high demand – not only among frequent travelers but also among business passengers as well.

They use social media to stay in touch with other business specialists, to stay updated on the latest industry trends, and to see what their competitors are doing.

As a result, you can provide customers with social media experiences by advertising on YouTube, Facebook, and other websites. LinkedIn is another well-known and useful tool for connecting with business travelers.

  1. Make email your weapon.

While promoting your hotel’s brand and services, keep an eye on your target visitors’ tastes, habits, and any other factors that may influence their vacation and experience with you.

Because business travelers are frequently active on their emails, sending them pre-arrival, in-house, and post-departure emails on a regular basis will allow you to communicate with them and inform them of your services, promotions, and extra facilities you may be providing.

Inform them about business trade exhibitions and expos that are being held near your area. You can even recommend places for them to relax after a long day.

Entrepreneurs typically come for work purposes. As a result, your pre-arrival communication should emphasize the services that will help your business guests stay productive and efficient. For example, would you like to reserve conference rooms? Do you require restaurant reservations?

On the other hand, post-stay communications to corporate clients should address their specific needs, such as providing them with special business packages and discounts.

  1. Provide quick transportation.

As per a survey, more than 45% of business travelers prefer hotel transportation. The first and most important service you can do is provide your business clients with a pickup from the airport or railway station. Your business guests may become irritated if they have to wait for a taxi or take public transportation.

This is an excellent opportunity to impress business guests by providing a convenient and seamless airport pickup and drop-off, which is the ideal method to create a friendly place before they arrive at your hotel.

  1. Allow for quick check-in and check-out.

Time plays an important role in the corporate world for business travelers. As a result, they always prefer to stay at a hotel where all processes are quick and simple.

So, as one of the best cheap hotels of Hyderabad, what you can do to attract business travelers to your hotel is to speed up your arrivals and departure procedure. To prevent undesirable scenarios and save time, a paperless check-in/check-out system can work wonders. Self-check-in via hotel kiosks or mobile guest self-service portals is now popular, particularly among millennial visitors.

Furthermore, there are various other methods you can use to deliver the finest guest experience during arrivals.

  1. Provide healthful menu options.

Business travelers work longer hours when traveling, so they don’t have time to choose from the hotel meal alternatives. They would rather grab and go. This is when you can wow your guests by providing healthy cuisine options.

Why so? Because they value being healthy and fit while traveling. As a result, prepare gluten-free and vegan meals for business guests. Take extra precautions to avoid food sensitivities. The provision of healthful snacks, such as self-serve toast, cereal, yogurt, and fruits, is also appreciated by guests.

  1. Run loyalty programs

The best luxurious hotels in Hyderabad operate loyalty programs to encourage guests to return frequently. These programs assist you in increasing the value and recognition of your brand in the market. With a flexible loyalty program, both independent properties and hotel groups may attract and keep business travelers by providing benefits that business travelers value, such as free nights and discounted stays.

Business travelers appreciate offerings that make their journeys easier, such as free transportation, complimentary refreshments, and discounted spa services. Loyalty cards are not only the ideal way to attract corporate clients to your hotel, but they also allow you to collect guest data that can be used to give more personalized services to them.

It is critical to focus on convenience, efficiency, and technology while catering to business travelers. These types of guests not only bring other similar guests to your door through word-of-mouth recommendations and positive comments, but they also help you be open to a slew of new types of guests even during your slow seasons.

At Deccan Serai, our cloud-based hotel technology may assist you in running your procedures more efficiently, providing more personalized service without error, and handling all corporate rate administration, promotions, email marketing, and scheduling tasks with simplicity.

Furthermore, we provide all the above-mentioned amenities to corporate clients. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Complimentary free breakfast
  • Online booking and registration
  • Free Wi-Fi services
  • Unlimited backup power supply
  • Spacious Conference Rooms
  • Located near Cyberabad, the IT hub of Hyderabad and close to historical locations
  • Café and Restaurant for relaxation
  • Swimming Pools and Gyms for you to work out and de-stress yourself
  • Free pick-up and drop-off at airport/railway station

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