The right wording formats to design Indian Wedding Invitations!

Indian Wedding Invitation Wording Formats are often difficult to get right, unless you have had an in-depth discussion with all the important people involved in the planning. It’s always about asking the right questions. Thoughtful and pre-discussed wording formats can save you a lot of time and money, yes that’s true!

Wedding Invitation formats need not necessarily be chosen from a set of templates, they can even be customised for every family. But to accomplish this, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary information available.

Here’s a quick checklist to ask the right questions and gather the right answers!

Who’s name first, the bride’s or the groom’s?

This is often a tricky one, but not when the bride and the groom families decide on making their separate invitation cards. But the norm says that the bride’s name is mentioned first.

What about the salutations?

Salutations are different for different communities. They differ for Indians and western countries. For Indian weddings invitation formats, you can choose either of ‘Mr. & Mrs.’, ‘Shreeman and Shrimati ji’ or ‘Shri and Smt’ while addressing the elders in the families.

Who is the inviter here?

Traditional Indian Wedding cards include names of both the grandparents as inviters or both the parents as inviters. If you opt for the modern way of doing things, you could have the couple as the main inviters with the parents and grandparents as co-inviters.

Simple or fancy?

In case they want to keep it simple and easy, a regular invite with details of the wedding venue and date, day and time is good enough. But if they choose to make it fancy, they can use some beautiful quote or poem that perfectly fits.

What will be the Invitation message?

It is always important to summarize and that is exactly what the Invitation message does. It is a two-liner on behalf of the inviters.

What are the event details?

The details of the wedding will entail the venue address, as detailed as possible with a map printed if needed. The address is generally followed by the time and date of the event.

Who are the points of contact?

When it is a wedding, managing people and getting them to the venue itself can become a tedious task. Assistance can be provided by sharing the phone numbers of people from the families who could volunteer to help.

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