The Rise of Chinese Clothing Industry Enterprises Team Customized Team Uniforms

Following the rapid popularity of “private customization”, in recent years, the Chinese industry has witnessed the rise of “customization of team uniforms“. However, the party who ordered customization this time is not ordinary consumers, but Chinese brand enterprises. The quantity of customization is not one or two pieces, but thousands. Under the mode of “customization of team uniforms”, Chinese enterprises customize their own supporting products in large quantities to a third party, and attach their own brand labels, coexisting with the brand image of the third party. Experts said that this is also a way of cross-border cooperation.
In fact, the concept of “team customization” is not new in the field of traditional FMCG footwear. For example, a certain unit has a long history of group customization of clothing, hats and other exclusive businesses, and even some enterprises started from “customization of team uniforms”. “I was born as a tailor, and the clothes factory was followed by the uniform customization business of the unit.” JOHN, general manager of CJ POD, said that in addition to group customization of team uniforms, she pays more attention to the individual needs of retail consumers and is transforming customization into private customization. The former meets a type of demand, while the latter is detailed to specific individuals. In the traditional footwear and clothing industry, there are not a few enterprises that have made the transition from meeting group needs to meeting individual needs. Zhao Yufeng, the chief designer of Jiumuwang, put forward that customization is personalized processing based on the needs of consumers, which is different from the customization business produced by large industries.
All roads lead to Rome. Some people go east and others go west. Not all enterprises have the strength to set foot in the high-end business of “private customization”. Bob, the general manager of Dexin Textile, sticks to the demand market of “customization of team uniforms”. “Get high-quality, colorless T-shirts from overseas, and mark their logo on them according to the needs of enterprises or units customized by groups.” He said that, from hundreds to thousands of pieces, they are aimed at a large number of community needs. Logo design has its own creative team of designers, for example, there are different facial expressions from Monday to Sunday, such as adding design colors and so on.
Personalized customization is a trend in the field of footwear and clothing, which has been popular in Europe and the United States. Customized service shows the unique culture and team spirit of the enterprise.

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