The rise of online health platforms since the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in numerous lifestyle changes around the world. This pandemic has transformed the medical arena through the use of digital healthcare options. One such example is the rapid growth of online health platforms. “Generally known as m-health, this term refers to the use of mobile phones and other wireless technology to provide medical care.” According to one source in November 2020, Dublin, the growth (usage) of health platforms in 2021 could be as high as 37%. During the pandemic, 60 percent fewer patients did not search for doctors online, while online (remote) consultations increased by 350 percent, and requests for online pharmacy sales increased by a whopping 600 percent.

Patients clearly understand the importance of not congregating, and online medical platforms are one of the most practical ways to avoid potential public contact with COVID-19. The elderly, people with chronic illnesses, pregnant women, and others are just a few examples of patients who are increasingly taking advantage of this benefit known as digital healthcare. “Prevention is better than cure,” as the adage goes.

Major corporations are developing new financial strategies to propel the healthcare system forward. They have recognized the impressive growth of online health care platforms and the numerous opportunities for expanding their customer (doctor/patient) base.

Medical software companies are constantly developing new systems to provide better health care services to clinics, hospitals, patients, and practitioners. Acquisitions, collaborations, mergers, partnerships, enhanced products, and market delivery are all taking place to “ride the swell” of online health platform growth.

The functionality, popularity, and use of online health platforms by governments, patients, and practitioners are unquestionably evolving and growing. Please contact us or visit our website to learn more about the role RioMed Ltd. plays in this transformation. Check our product cellma.

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