The Role of Data Quality Management in Master Data Governance

Large organisations have understood the value of data and data quality for the last few years. In recent years, leaders in the private and public sectors have realised that accumulated data can be a strategic asset when data volumes and speeds are increasing. 

When people discuss corporate data, we have heard words like “Master data governance” and “Data Quality Management”. These two words are closely related to the need for Data Management. Let’s understand what is the meaning of both? And how are they connected?

What is Data Quality Management?

Data Quality management is a principle that needs an amalgamation of the right people, processes, technologies, and the common goals of enhancing data quality. Improving Data quality is not the only purpose of DQM but achieving good business outcomes depends upon high-quality data. Data quality management ensures that confidential information of businesses is accurate, complete, and consistent across multiple domains within the enterprise. 

What is Master Data Governance?

Master data governance provides a framework through which businesses manage their data within the organisations, certify its security, and make sure data can be available to the people who need it.  In other words, we can say that Master data governance means controlling security and regulatory risks and maximising the value of the organisation’s data.

How Master Data Governance and Data Quality Management are Related?

The goal of Data Quality Management and Master data governance is to ensure that the data within the organisation is trusted, secure, and accessible when needed. Businesses can make sure that the value of their data assets is maximised by creating a strategy around these two essential pillars. Data Quality Management and Master data governance could be seen as two sides of the same coin. 

About GlueData: GlueData is an independently owned and managed company. The company is a global data and analytics consultancy that assists SAP clients in mastering their data. The company provides the best data management tool, data management tools, data migration services, and master data management services with help of their data migration consultants and experts. Our SimpleData Management methodology is aimed at reducing the complexity of data governance by focusing on what is most important from a data domain or objective point of view.

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