The Rugged Rack Cabinet Expansion Function And Control

When sub-module expansion is required, only need to install it on the guide rail and complete the external wiring. It can be automatically run online without any configuration, that is, when each sub-module is powered on and run in the rugged rack cabinet, it should first register with the core control module .After the registration is successful, the core control module will coordinate and control it for the rugged rack cabinet. When a module needs to be replaced, only the corresponding the rugged rack cabinet needs to be replaced. After the new rugged rack cabinet is powered on, the new module will also request registration with the core module, and the core control .After the module receives the registration request, it will update the device file information and coordinate the control of the newly replaced module for the rugged rack cabinet. When a module needs to exit the system operation, the rugged rack cabinet needs to be removed from the rail. After the device is powered on again, the core control module will also follow The new module configuration updates the device profile information and runs according to the new configuration in the rugged rack cabinet. Tailored Rugged atr chassis

Since the existing power distribution terminals can no longer meet all functional requirements, although there are composite terminals with simple functions, they are still relatively backward in terms of openness and scalability. Therefore, for the rugged rack cabinet,the development of smart with good openness and scalability Power distribution terminals have become an inevitable choice for technological development. Rugged Rack Cabinet

The new power distribution terminal design idea based on the configuration idea breaks the concept of traditional rugged rack cabinet design. The function combination and function expansion of the device are no longer limited by the size of the rugged rack cabinet structure and the number of board slots. The hardware itself has Modular function, according to needs, by selecting hardware function modules for system configuration and network configuration, the project site only needs to install the function modules ,for the rugged rack cabinet, that need to be expanded side by side on the guide rails to easily realize the expansion of functions, including device communication methods and interfaces Data volume expansion, external device expansion and control, data acquisition channel expansion and control, etc.

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