The sale of creatures has fallen sharply

The sale of creatures has fallen sharply, with Dofus players preferring ceremonial items like Dungeon Rusher shields or Wakfunding rewards. So much so that an important decision was made: Convert all the makeup of the shop and events into Dofus Kamas Apparel Items. This is a huge endeavor that’s cleaned up the list of items at reduced levels, but minimizing the potency of Mimibiotes (for the pleasure of epidermis lovers).

Taking into consideration your subscription period at stake, the system lets you receive a pair of free decorative items publicly equipable such as the Apparel Items. In case you’ve got a youthful account, you’ll need to wait… for a long time! The very last rewards are obtained after 14 decades of seniority, enough to make you dizzy!

They allow to show your accomplishments and all your greatness in match. Or that you have finished the quests of Astrub. Some, however, have a few defects, such as a misalignment based in being within an alliance or, for many, the display of the Omega level endangering the appearance of your name decoration.

Distributed a lot more readily, and especially for short unique events such as Temporis, the titles are absolutely special although they take only 1 line. Wearing objects, convention for example can even unlocks them. Like attitudes, you can get Title Scrolls, which may be used until you have the name.

Appeared with Update 2.32,”The Case is at Haven Bag”, the items were already well known with their appearance in Dofus’s younger brother, Wakfu. Offering a Zaap, a lottery and a torso, they permit you to personalize one or more pieces in your leisure and through different topics, bringing a new layer of creation inside Dofus. With over 28 possible topics and hundreds of things to place, each Haven Bag is unique, and especially to Buy Dofus Kamas echo your own taste! Our small favourite is”Harebourg”, shooting over the components of the mythical zone of Frigost 3, and you?

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