The SBI CSP Apply Throws Up Lucrative Earnings Prospects for The Rural Educated Youth

It is always nice if you get the scope to select a lucrative career option and alongside do some social work. This is precisely what the educated but unemployed village youths can expect today. This bit of news update could sound a bit surprising for you, but it is very much true. The precise scope of work is with the Indian banking industry and one is sure to get the details after interacting with a CSP Provider. There are plenty of them accessible on the net and it should be easy for you to establish a connection.

A look at the latest career prospect for the educated village youths

One may not have heard the term CSP and it means customer service point. However, before that, one will be more inclined to get the details of the main offer. The scope of work is in the banking sector and this is primarily due to a reform introduced by the RBI. They intend to penetrate the hinterland aggressively with formal banking services. It is the right of every Indian to come under the purview of formal banking. The interior areas generate a significantly lower amount of banking volumes and it is not profitable for a branch to operate on low volumes. This is precisely where the role of a CSP Provider comes into play and he will guide you to the concept of a Bank Mitra.

The role of a Bank Mitra

The RBI has permitted banks under its fold to appoint the Bank Mitra post. The role of such a professional will be to offer formal banking services in the hinterland areas. There is a notable difference between the operations of a formal bank branch and that of this concept. Under the Bank Mitra concept, it is only a single individual operating this space. Hence, there is bound to be significantly lower overhead costs and the operations should be profitable in quick time. This format is referred to as kiosk banking and there are plenty of educated village youths placing the SBI CSP Apply.

A detailed insight on the CSP

There has been mention that the CSP stands for a customer service point. Once you have received the sanction to operate as a Bank Mitra, this point will be your office or branch. One should note that the Bank Mitra will have to arrange for the CSP. It is a real estate space and it could just be a part of your ancestral property. One must however make sure that this space is located at some significant distance from a normal bank branch.

The reasons for an SBI CSP

All nationalized banks are offering the kiosk format of banking but there are some reasons to insist on only the SBI CSP apply. There is just no other Indian bank, which can match the brand value of SBI. One will have to convince the village folk to come under the purview of formal banking and the brand value of SBI should help significantly in this regard. It is a lucrative career option and alongside you get to sell insurance policies of LIC. The scope of earnings is unlimited and educated but unemployed village youths must grab this scope with both hands.

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