The Science Behind Good Health by Drinking Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is taking over the food and beverage industry. It is now one of the top flavour choices for lattes and cakes, ice cream, bread, and even pastries. The world is loving matcha-flavoured things, and it’s easy to see why Matcha green tea powdersare becoming pantry staples.

Matcha and your health

Matcha is the favourite flavour of sweets in Japan. Japanese people serve matcha tea everywhere—from traditional ceremonies to hip cafes where young people hang out and relax. It is an integral part of the Japanese food culture, and it is now taking the world by storm.

If you love matcha tea and matcha-flavoured things in general, you will be happy to know that matcha is not only a good flavouring agent. It is also beneficial for your health, especially when consumed as tea! That’s all the more reason to stock up on high-quality matcha green teapowder that you can drink regularly.

When making matcha green tea, young tea leaves are ground and form into bright green powder. The matcha green teapowder, is then whisked with hot water, unlike regular green tea, which only requires infusing the leaves in hot water. The preparation creates a difference benefit-wise between the two. Consuming tea from matcha green tea powder means consuming whole powdered tea leaves. Matcha is even rich in antioxidants that boost metabolism, reduce the risk of heart disease, and lower blood pressure.


Buying the best matcha green tea powder

You can easily make matcha lattes, smoothies, and cold drinks in the comfort of your home using authentic Japanese matcha green tea powder you can buy online. Because it is naturally caffeinated, you can use it as an alternative to your morning coffee. You can also add milk and sugar to taste and mix it with frothed milk to create a creamy latte or smoothie.

When looking for reliable stores online, you can’t go wrong with one with the JAS Organic seal. It is the highest Japanese certification standard and assures that the product is authentic and safe and that it can give you all the health benefits of matcha.

Ready to buy? Some stores give discounts and freebies on your first purchase, so look out for that.

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Matcha Samurai is an online platform which offers matcha green tea, organic Japanese green tea, ceremonial matcha green tea and culinary grade matcha green tea powder. Matcha green tea has been a part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years. Matcha Green tea is a premium Japanese tea with natural detoxifier and energy boosters which is very beneficial for a mind & body.

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