The Secret Behind The Success Of Doordash And Pointers To Start Your Food Ordering App

Food delivery apps work on a simple concept of acquiring order from customers, connecting with restaurants for order processing, and delivering it to the customers. So basically, apps like the on-demand DoorDash app act as intermediaries between restaurants and customers. There are several food delivery apps nowadays, but only a select few are regularly used by customers. The big question is: How did these apps become customers’ first priority?

The answer to this question is simple and obvious. Here are some of the measures taken by food ordering apps that makes them successful:-

More options: Customers like to order from the top-rated and renowned restaurants. It is essential to tie-up with a well-known chain of restaurants. In order to cover the wide interest of customers, offer various cuisines, and include diverse restaurants, starting from small to popular restaurants.

The fleet of delivery agents: Many delivery agents have to be employed so that customer orders can be delivered on-time. The delivery agents near restaurants have to ping in so that they can quickly pick up the orders.

Target audience: People who do not have the time to cook, especially corporates order food on a regular basis, and college students who lack kitchen facilities are some of the main audience who order food on a daily basis. On-demand DoorDash like apps should definitely have features and attributes built as per the targeted audience.

One of the successful food ordering applications is DoorDash. Let’s look at the major milestone achieved by DoorDash.

DoorDash has achieved tremendous success over the past few years. It is considered to be the fast-growing last-mile logistics company, as per reports of the Second Measure.
As of 2018, they expanded their geographic footprint to 5x, covering over 3000 cities and 80% of the American population. DoorDash has become the first company to offer food delivery to over 50 cities across the United States.
Dashers (delivery executives of DoorDash) earn approximately $600 in a year. Doordash hires its own delivery agents.

DoorDash, founded in the year 2013, has become one of the extensively used food ordering services across the US and Canada. Entrepreneurs can all learn from the tremendous fleet achieved by DoorDash. This blog will provide insights into the ways in which DoorDash grows to become a $12.6 billion company.
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The Secret Behind The Success Of Doordash And Pointers To Start Your Food Ordering App

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