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Robert Griffin III has been brought by Cresaland, the new Xikudi CoSler (Cody Kessler) is drained, and the old Josh McCown is also ready before the season, but no one. I can think of Brown’s quarterly sweathers from now on.

Bosa informed all coaches early, and he would adapt to the training in other places with a private trainer. Bosa has also trained with this coach last year. The excellence performance on the field is obvious. Although the first four games absent have also achieved 10.5 kills, it will eventually pay back the honor of the annual defense.

In the past, the lion had already suspended the replacement defensive cut off CJ-Mosley (Mosley) was stopped by the team inside the team’s related discipline, and his banned is 1 week. This means that the lion will find firefighters from the training lineup or free player market.

The lion defensive cutaway will stop in the knee injury

Detroit Lion, although the Atlantan Falcon was defeated in the London competition, but they were stretched to defend the elbow, but they were once again hit, the first defensive cututs, the Nick Fairley encountered the right knee, the knee, the knee (MCL) and knee The joints of the joints (PCL) sprained injuries are expected to be absent for a month.

In the first quarter, Lightning first attack, Philip Rivers advanced the ball to the 25 yards through a large number of passes, and finally completed the team’s rookie close-up Hunter Henter Henery. Dano cable. Lightning 5 minutes 37 seconds is the first 7: 0 lead. The wild horse offense made Xi Mian began to try more, but the promotion is limited, and it is forced to kick. At the same time, the high school team played excellent, so that the second ball of lightning can only start from the first 6 yards of the end zone. A new round of attack, lightning gave Malvin Gordon more midpere, and ended the first section in the other side.

Taylor is not anxious to determine that Bern will serve as the first quarter-off. He said that one of the biggest challenges faced by Bolro and other rookies is to adapt to the speed of NFL. “We selected him because we know that he will be able to deal with all challenges,” Taylor said. “This is just a problem that he will accumulate as soon as possible.”

Burro and 2011 Cam Newton became only two-point guards that were also called the election of the sea since 1967 after winning the Haisman award and the national champion. Before being selected by the Carolina Black Panther, Newton led the Austrian university to win the national championship. But Berro is the first player who won the country’s best player in the final season, the national champion and breaking the single season NCAA record.

“Da River” milestone night health crashes, the wild horse reverses failure 8 points defeat

The sixth week of the NFL regular season is about to start. Thursday night (Beijing time October 14 8:25) will be superb bowl champion Danfo wild horse (4 wins and 1 loss) from last season (4 wins and 1 loss) . The wild horse is on the main four-point satelli, and the shot of the Trevor Siemian should take a game. The lightning has repeatedly lost multiple games in the last moment. As a Thursday night of Color Rush, the main team will wear a treasure blue jersey, the team is a vintage orange jersey and the helmet has also carried out corresponding to the corresponding alteration, and the two jersey have obtained a considerable evaluation.

“For me, where isn’t important,” he said. “I can I originally be a rookie in the 189th, I may be a champion. I will work with exactly the same way, and strive to be the best quarter-saving for this city.”

Last season, Berro played historical level performance, and the success rate of passing the ball reached 76.3%, and the 60 times of the Create FBS Alliance record were obtained, led the team to win the national champion. He also won the Herosman award. The future of tigers in the four-defense position is still unclear. Since 2011, the first four-point guards have entered the last year of the contract, and his $ 17.7 million will let the tigers beyond the salary.

In the second day, Rivers and the first section showed excellent young near-end Feng Henry completed 12 yards, and raised their total number of balls in lightning to 43,074 yards to surpassing Naddan – Fos (Dan Fouts) ) Became the history of the team. Lightning offensive dumb fire in front of the Red District, Josh Lambo, the score came to 10: 0, but the difference between the two sides has been nearly 15 minutes. The second offensive ball of the wild horse is still given to Hi Mi, but it seems still no longer state. However, the special team arrested Triffs-Benjamin, the stupid behavior in the process of abandoning the attack, and the wild horse teams once again helped the team offensive group before 11 yards before the other party. . Fortunately, the lightning defensive group was sent, especially this year’s exploration show, Joey Bosa, is a wonderful single-handed one-to-right trip. The wild horse offensive group does not refund, only the attack of 3 shots will end this attack. On the other hand, the wild horse defensive group responds, and the lightning offensive group will be made out of 32 seconds. After that, the two sides launched a defensive war, and they did not complete the three-speed conversion, 10: 3 entered the middle field.

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