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The giant needs Sodel to make a stable performance in the second season of their effectiveness. After launching a 4-year 62 million US dollar contract last year, despite the continuous improvement of the season, Sodell’s performance can only be flat.

Sodell said that his ankle injury is very good and is expected to fully resume training at the July 26 giant to start training: “There is no reason to think that I will not participate in the training camp.”

In the country, the Green Bay packaging workers won the best offensive players in the fourth Zhou Danglian, and he obtained 302 yards in the 38-17 to the Chicago bear. Array, no four-point guards that were copied and 151.2.

“Given the performance of our performance, they have the right to feel angry, they have the right to make fun of,” Fang Ji said on the media on Friday. “This may be we deserved. This is a loyal fan group, I will realize this soon. We do our best to solve the team problem as soon as possible.”

Giant left-off S Shedel is expected to be ready to participate in the training camp

On June 25, when the New York Giants played in the second year, most of the Nate Solder was unable to participate in training due to an ankle joint surgery.

The wild horse is a master of Joao: fans have the right to feel angry on the team’s poor performance

After the depressed losers, the two consecutive victories made Denver Mangma fans suddenly saw hope. But the 6-30 defeated the partition opponent Kansas City chief pulled them back to reality.

In the second half, the lion offensive group frequently confessed, resulting in a wave of 2 port 31 yards, under pressure, Stafford ran out the pocket to pass the TJ Jones, the latter, the latter, was safe JJ – JJWILCOX CT. The cowboy offensive group has no wasting opportunity. Elliott completed the last 1 code shock of the ball to reach the proportion. Then the lion offensive fatigue, advanced 11 yards and abandoned to the cowboy 10 yard line. However, Patho-Jones is penalized 5 yards, cowboy starts at a more thrilling position, Prescot is connected to Terence, Türsiarms in a row, successively gets 11, 14, 30 yards After coming to the 40-yard line of the lion, after the two gears attack, the cowboy staged a clever tactics. Prescot took the ball to the back to Didez – Bryant, saying that it is fast, Brian Tantrough Jason – Witten in the left short pass to the end area. Wengteng has no suspense to win 10 yards, cowboy build 14 points of leading advantages. The lion offensive group still did not retrieve the rhythm, Matt Pratt 47 yards were any ball to left, and the score was still staying in 21-35.

At the time of the patriots, the Dwayne Bowe and the close-up Tel Avis Korte, which is good at manufacturing key attacks, Charles and teammates established in half. From 303 yards to the 96-yard propulsion code advantage, this is the first time the patriots bishinal Bill Bilchk (Bill Belichick) will first advance at least 300 yards in the half. It is very important because Charles injured before Charles, many people suspect that he can play at this game.

[Event Review] Thanksgiving National War, Bear 23-16 擒 雄

Beijing November 23, Thanksgiving Day, North Civil War, Bear Defense Group, the fourth quarter, manufacturing 2 times the right to conversion helps the team 23-16 overcome the lion.

After 2 rounds of crazy attacks, the defensive group of the lions gradually retrieved, interrupted the sake of the cowboy, and grab the ball. The quarter-points Weistouford is still hot, and there is no business attack to make the cowboy defensive group wolf, running the second wave of squatting, ending the third wave of attack.

“(Flak) is part of the offensive group, and the offensive group is obviously not good enough. He is one of them. Obviously, the important member of the offensive group, I think he is indeed, and the rest Like the offensive group, we have a good performance. The opponent dominates the advantage, “said Fang Jigao and the NACCo-Flak (Joe FLACCO).

In the fourth quarter, there is still 6 minutes left, and the bear safety sancto-Jackson has a 41 yard to attack it; 1 minute before the game, Korgorus.Pl the Kyle Fuller is The end area Copy the lion quarter Wei Ma Xiu-Stafford. Jackson’s attack is a sixth time to reach this season’s Bear Defense Group. I am in the third place this season, the fifth of the career, and he is a rookie in 2017.

The lion defensive is still, the denim coach will run away from Elliot, and Prescot is difficult to discover the ball after 3 gear offensive. At this time, the denim defense group on the home stage finally was called by the full fans. In the first 2 yards of the Dalian Zone, a cross-raid slammed the lion quarter Weistoford, preventing the focus of continuous score of the opponent. After the test, the cowboy started from the middle field. Elliot returned to the court, and he took the team to advance, got the first attack. At the 3rd step, Prescott’s technically scientific enthusiasm was found, and the 88th star came out of the dez-Bryant (DEZBRYANT), completed 25 yards to reach. At the end of the first half, the two sides became 21 flat.

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