The Secret Weapon for Law Firm Growth

Many highly successful law firm owners have tapped into a formula for rapid growth that doesn’t depend on innate talent for marketing or take years of expensive trial and error. And it isn’t based on finding the perfect Vender offering the golden egg of market domination.

Their secret is actually simple-

They join a Robust and Genuine Law Firm Owner’s Mastermind Group- so that they have immediate access to the winning strategies that other successful lawyers are implementing in other markets. Then, they take those proven strategies and implement them in their own firms, thereby circumventing the trial-and-error process altogether.

Each member of the group comes to the table, sharing their best strategies with the other group members. Thus, each member is able to achieve 10 to 20 times the ROI.

You have probably heard the term “Mastermind” quite a bit in the last several years. There are “Mastermind” podcasts, “Mastermind” conferences, and “Mastermind” webinars- But they are misnomers.

The true legitimate Mastermind group- the kind that yields the exponential growth of its’ members is not a podcast- webinar or a highly attended legal marketing “growth” Conference.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not knocking podcasts, webinars, and summit-style conferences, far from it. I have my own weekly podcast for law firm owners and host monthly Webinars and several widely attended conferences each year. And I try to ensure each of these events brings as much true value to attendees as I can.


But none of these platforms are actual “Mastermind” experiences. While valuable in their own right, they are not Mastermind groups and cannot produce the same results. It is like comparing apples and oranges.


The entrepreneur Napoleon Hill coined the phrase “Mastermind” back in the early part of the 20th century. Giants like Henry Ford and Rockefeller were members of such a small, elite group.


These groups still exist today- and the lawyers that are able to join these genuine groups reap huge benefits and exceptional growth.


Here are the 7 Critical Characteristics of any Genuine Legal Mastermind Group


It’s a small group- usually no more than 10-20 members.

Since each member is expected to come to the table, participate, and share strategies and ideas- the group, must remain small enough for each member’s voice to be heard.


In a genuine Mastermind group, you learn from one another. Everyone needs ample time and opportunity for the powerful exchange of ideas that can and should occur, which isn’t going to happen in a large group setting.


2. It’s Geographically exclusive.


No great business owner is going to pull back the curtain and share his or her most successful strategies with their competition. So, in a genuine Mastermind group, each member must hale from different and non-competing markets. This criteria is impossible to ensure in a large conference setting- filled with general attendees. It’s not going to occur in a webinar – and certainly not in a podcast. Successful lawyers will not share their greatest business secrets and top strategies unless they are doing so amongst a group of trusted non-competitors. Period.


3. Each member is similarly situated.


In a true Mastermind group, each member is of similar size and revenue. First-year law firm owners aren’t paired with 8-figure law firms.


Beginning marketers aren’t in the same group as those with millions in their marketing budgets. Ideally, the facilitator handpicks each member of the group to ensure the proper fit- so that every single member is learning and sharing from one another.


There shouldn’t be a table with only one giver and the test takers. Each member brings valuable strategies that will help the other members of the group.


Putting these groups together isn’t just a matter of whoever signs up. There is a delicate balance that must be achieved so that every member is challenged but not overwhelmed. Optimal sharing and learning for all members can’t happen if the members are unequally yoked.


4. Each member is a true participant and comes to the meetings prepared.


Each member of a robust Legal Mastermind group is coming to the table willing to both share and learn. There are no place keepers. This requirement raises the bar for every participant and ensures that there is a lively exchange of quality ideas and insights. No one’s time is wasted, and every participant leaves the meeting with a host of quality strategies, fresh insights, and relevant perspectives to implement when they get back home


5. Great Strategies are Shared Freely.


Because each participant is not competing with anyone else in the room, there is an opportunity for candor and sharing each member’s best and most successful strategies with one another. Insights like the very best PPC vendors or SEO vendors to hire, the quickest ways to hit the Google 3-pack- or best strategies for amassing more 5- star Google reviews, and so forth are shared.

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