The Seven Most Common Causes of Premature Aging

As we all know premature aging is unpleasant and unwanted. Aging is associated with loss of body cells. Because of slow metabolism cell reproduction slow down and dies quickly. Connective tissue becomes less elastic and skin looks saggy. Basically there are two types of aging one is natural aging process and the other one extrinsic aging, which is called pre mature aging. The main factors of premature aging are-


  1. Environmental Damage – Harsh weather like too cold or hot, are not good for skin. With extreme cold weather skin becomes dry. Use of hot water and heaters aggravate dryness of skin. Aging in very hot session too much sweating and use of air conditioners drain out skin’s natural moisture. Moisture is very important for good skin; otherwise skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles starts appearing on skin surface is the major causes of aging. Constant use of moisturizer can help to reduce the after effect of harsh weather.
  1. Sun Exposure – Sun damage is number one cause of premature aging. Harm full UV Rays penetrate into skin and damage skin DNA.  Too much exposure to the sun can accelerate our aging process. It is very important to use sun block all the day.
  1. Diet Foods that cause inflammation, like refined sugar, white flour, and even excessive dairy products, can readily create inflammation in the body that contributes to the aging Replacing a sugary diet with fried and fatty foods, even if you are not overweight, with one that is high in natural products can keep the whole body looking tighter and younger.
  1. Over Weight – People who are overweight and less active, aging signs comes faster on their face. Elastin fibers loses their elasticity and muscles become saggy.
  1. Smoking and Drinking – Unhealthy life style like smoking and drinking is not good for good skin. They lead to all kinds of health problems and deplete our bodies of necessary nutrients. The fine lines and discoloration occurs all over the face.
  1. Sleep Disorder– We all know that sleeping for eight hours is very important for our health. If don’t sleep properly, in long run this habit spoils our -skin. Dark circles and wrinkles around eye area common problem. Face looks dull and dark due to tiredness.
  1. Stress – Chronic, high stress lives are a good recipe for aging. Aside from the effects that a worried face has on facial wrinkles, stress affects everything from the way we carry ourselves to our energy level.  People who are overwhelmed with stressed also tend to have illnesses that can help the aging process along.

All we need to do is to adopt a healthy and stress free life-style, balance diet and some activities in our daily routine to avoid premature aging.

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