The Sheer importance of Data Classification

Data classification is now being deemed crucial by organizations spanning diverse business sectors, geographies and spheres of operation. This is because in today’s increasingly digital world where remote working is a necessity rather than an option, safeguarding valuable data is even more essential. Famous industrialists and business tycoons have rightly stated that going forward, data is the new oil and that is how the world shall revolve. Classifying, discovering, managing, encrypting and securing data are all invaluable activities for any business conglomerate. Fasoo offers credible, proven and time-tested solutions to this extent for a variety of organizations in multiple categories.

Data classification and discovery services go a long way towards scaling up the effectiveness of conventional DLP (data loss prevention) technologies. This works through the classification, discovery and subsequent control of sensitive information/data minus any complicated business regulations, thereby enabling companies to easily scale up and safeguard data security (unstructured) and overall infrastructure relating to privacy. The Pac-n-Tag technology enables automatic classification, encryption and embedding of Tags or identifiers into every file which eliminates the need for rescanning. Integrating access control and overall traceability functions via the Protection Policy or Pac enables efficient adhere to regulations pertaining to privacy. These include HIPAA, GDPR, NYDFS, CCPA and even PCI. Centralized management of policies will simplify the discovery and classification procedure, thereby making it non mandatory for users for take decisions on sensitivity of vital data. This solution can automate identification and control of any sensitive data files instantly with their appearance. This will not require any intervention by users and will ensure that data remains protected at all times and under the control of the organization in question, irrespective of its location.

Classification and discovery is widely regarded as the very first and vital step towards ultimate protection of data. Sensitive data can be easily discovered with the help of Fasoo, for files on company servers, in the cloud, on databases and even devices via keywords, patterns, attributes with pre-defined/custom templates or even file type templates. Protection regulations will immediately ensure classification and label addition for every file while providing unique identifiers and encryption and thereafter quarantine/assign access control for users who are authorized. Centralized console monitoring for sensitive information and protection of data which is unstructured are other key tenets of solutions offered here.

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