The Sheer Importance of Healthy Butter Spreads

Healthy butter seems to be sometimes an oxymoron although people do look for healthy butter spreads. Let’s face it; nothing can truly replicate the taste and flavor of butter. However, it is sometimes unsustainable for those who wish to maintain their weight, lose weight, reduce cholesterol and live a healthier life in general. Enter Nutralite, one of India’s most loved table spreads that is popular amongst families and young professionals alike. Getting proper nutrients every day is very essential and Nutralite has made it a point to help people live a healthier life from the year 2006. It has unveiled its variants of mayonnaise and range of table-spreads and is known for balancing taste and health.

Nutralite has zero cholesterol and is rich in Omega 3 which ensures better health. Nutralite has lower cholesterol and does not have any hydrogenated fats as well. The table spread comes with cholesterol combatants like MUFA (mono unsaturated fatty acids) and PUFA (poly unsaturated fatty acids). This ensures the perfect combination of health and great taste, helping you achieve your fitness objectives smoothly. Nutralite offers a range of mayonnaise spreads including Tandoori Mayo which offers a spicy and smoky Tandoori flavor for your favorite food items. It comes equipped with Vitamins D, A and E and may be used as a dip for cooking and marination alike.

Veg Mayo comes with the best eggless mayonnaise and is equipped with Vitamins A, D and E alike and it is also used as a dip and for cooking and marinating purposes alike. Mayo Achari offers desi Indian flavors that are supremely delicious while coming with eggless mayonnaise and the same vitamins. Mayo Cheesy Garlic ensures a creamy and delicious texture accompanied by the rush of garlic which is delectable indeed. Vitamins D, A and E aside, it also contains eggless mayonnaise. The table spread range has Nutralite Premium which has zero cholesterol and Omega 3 along with Vitamins E, A and D. It also contains zero trans fat and hydrogenated fat. Nutralite Garlic & Oregano has the same benefits while offering fabulous taste at the same time.

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