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Bill quartz Wei Allen: External hand Brown and Bisley get more opportunities
When Buffalorbier transactions get external handston Digs, most people believe that most of the balls in the new season Bill will pass to Diges.

“I think this will give them more opportunities,” Allen said in an interview. “They played the best performance last season. Everyone is talking about Steve Dig, and I feel that John is a thousand code. The opponent is very difficult People stare at him in the defense. And Cole is on the inside, if you defense him with a slot angle, he is hard to defend in people’s defense. I thank Brandon Beane to introduce These people work with me. Now I am going to play on the court, let the plan become a reality. ”

Assassin of the raid is close to the signing angle of Amamara
US time on Tuesday, according to wholesale nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, the raids have been agree with the Corner Deforeon Amukamara, agreeing to the contract terms, close to the contract.

Patriot: Lian Bill – Bellchik is also difficult to escape trouble
This season’s new England Patriot A list of injuries in the whole season makes their fans. Recently, this injury is infected with decision makers.

This is a bold move after Rosemanda’s control. This of course will make the eagle’s quadrant positions. Sam Bradford, which is called the team’s first quartz, will receive 18 million US dollars in the new season. Chase Daniel, who served as a substitute in the Chief of Kansas City, is one of the highest salary four-point guards in the alliance.

The sea eagle agrees that the salary requires Lin Qi to end the dismissal
Seattle Haiying team last season’s Covenant Marshawn Lynch is finally returned. Recently, ESPN broke the news in its TV show: After 8 days of dismissal, Linqi is about to return to the Haiying team training camp, officially start preparing for the new season. The important reason for the return of Lynch is that the Hawks agree to have a payment of $ 1 million.

Although Lynch has not yet been clearly expressed in the new season to stay in the sea eagle, he can return to the training camp is already a good signal. The 28-year-old Linqi is in the peak of his career, and he believes that he can continue to provide high quality ground attack for the Hawks.

It is reported that the Haiying team will increase $ 1 million in wages to Lynch in the new season. The Hawble is not a preparation, and the 1 million dollars of the salary increase is a bonus of the incentive. If Linqi can appear in the big list of the team and can run more than 1500 yards in the season, he can fully Get the $ 1 million bonus. In addition, the Hawow is committed to further retaining Linchi, which will promise to send him an extra $ 500,000 bonus after the end of the season. That is, if Lynch can maintain a high level of competitive state and hit the season in the season, he will reach $ 6.5 million this season.

Linqi is one of the best players in the Haiying team in recent years. In the three seasons for the team’s effectiveness, he ran 4051 yards for the team, and got 39 reaches, which is the team offensive. Important means. The team’s main four-point guards Wilson’s words of Linqi Wilson have a very important thing to have a full star running like Linqi. His ball business is high, he is always able Help the team with the most appropriate way. Last season, Linqi’s total proposal code is only 5 yards less than Wiki Run Frieterson, and he is second, and his score capacity in red zone. The whole alliance is the highest, he got 12 reacons for the team.

Unless the Bill plans to play more to pass the attack, Digs’s arrival may result in a reduction in John Brown and Cole Beasley. The two completed 139 battles in the last season. However, the quarter-saving situation is not the case.

The eagle has been talking about the benefits of making rookie four-guards for a year or two-year substitute, they put Donovan McNabb, Philip Rivers and Alon Rogers (Aaron) Rodgers) When doing an example of proven this.

Now until their future ace quad quarter is ready to stay in Bradford and Daniel, it is considered to stay in the eagle. Bradfu is actually leaving the eagle in a year contract. He may be traded by the Eagle in the next day, and Daniel serves long-term substitute in the eagle.

The eagle announced that they have received the list of this year’s drafts this year with the Cleveland. Brown will get the Eagle 8th selection of videos. The third round of this year, the third round of the fourth round, the first round of the first round of the show and the second round of the 2018 draft. The eagle will also get the fourth round of draft selection of Brown next year.

When the eagle faces too much “troubles”, Brown is still looking for four-point guard they can trust. Josh McCown and Robert Griffin III are now Brown’s quarter-off candidates. If Brown really likes Goff and Wenz, they will not agree to this transaction. Perhaps the trading of the ram really ruined Brown’s wishful abacus. There have been reports that Brown is more like Gov, and the current Goff is more likely to be reached by the reality of the alcohol of the ram. Brown reconsider their choice.

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