The skills you need to build a career in Media

Since the advent of technology in the last two decades, media as a field has exploded into several subfields. It is no longer limited to simple news writing, or reporting.  Today, students can pursue a host of media careers, including but not limited to journalism, film making, publishing, public relations, radio, television broadcasting and so. Add to that, the arrival of digital, social and interactive media that has changed the way content is consumed. As such, media schools are preparing students to develop a wide array of skills to carve a successful media career. Let’s look at the skills you need to make a career in media.

Interpersonal/Communication skills: It doesn’t matter which industry you choose for a media career, you have to develop your interpersonal skills. You could be creative and competent, but you should to be able to communicate your ideas effectively. The media industry is a fast-paced one and it rewards people who have great communication skills. As such, it becomes important for media students to work on their people skills.

Writing skills: While you need to have great interpersonal skills, you should also develop your writing skills. Media professionals need to have polished writing skills. They should be able to organize their thoughts on paper and communicate them to colleagues and clients in a precise and effective manner.

Social Media skills: Schools today, offer media courses that teach the importance of becoming social media savvy. You have to get into the loop of the digital age and develop your social media presence. In fact, a good social media presence can increase your chances of getting hired. Through your social media, you can reach out to a billion people, share your thoughts and opinions, and also influence masses. Besides, it helps when you are asked to develop an online brand for the company that hires you. It is therefore time to make friends with Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Knowledge and research skills: Your school of communication and media will also help you hone your research skills. You must be aware of the latest market trends and the strategies employed by your competitors. The idea is to be able to determine what a customer needs. You need to be able to conduct background research, and provide factual details to analysts and journalists about the company you are associated with. Brushing up on your research skills can help you at all points in your media career.

Adaptability skills: As we mentioned above, the media industry is constantly evolving. Content is being consumed not only through television and newspapers but also through digital portals, social media websites and mobile applications. You need to be up to date with new technologies and develop your skills on the go. Your media program teaches you that there is no room for stagnancy and you can never get too comfortable in your current role. Therefore it is important to be adaptable and flexible to develop a successful media career.

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